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Westview Review

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July 30th, 2022 1:42am
Reviewed by Elliott Smith
Do NOT buy this trick ... if you don’t want to look like the most amazing performer on the planet. This is the best, easiest and entertaining “Do as I do” you will find. It looks totally amazing and impossible yet you will totally blow away your spectators as they made all their own random choices. And not only that, THEY make choices for you too and after all of this, both your cards match. How the heck is this even possible? You can do this live like we performed pre-COVID but is also awesome on Zoom or any streaming service you use.

The nice thing about this is the spectator can use there own cards whether it is a live in person or on Zoom, just tell them in advance to have about 12 cards ready … and willing to destroy. If you feel uncomfortable doing this in a live performance, just bring some extra cards and have them randomly pick 12. The other nice thing about this effect is that it is so easy to learn, just get out some cards and follow along with the video. No sleighs to learn needed, just a simple process of instructions for them to follow to remember.

Jon does an amazing job of teaching this effect, just remember the process and it will work ALL and EVERY time. You will amaze your spectators ALL and EVERY time. If you do it for multiple spectators, have different spectators help make or change the decisions. It will engage everyone involved making the effect seemingly more impossible.

I love it and can’t wait to start performing it … so will you! Thanks for sharing Jon.

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Author: Jon Armstrong
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Perform a card trick on both sides of the screen from a thousand miles away. Put the magic in your spectator’s hands even if you aren’t in the room. Jon Armstrong has put together dynamic virtual shows for some of the biggest companies and audiences in the world, and when he wants to get big reactions this is one of his go-to effects.

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