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Fright Review

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July 28th, 2022 1:16am
Reviewed by Elliott Smith
Haunted deck with no gimmicks … WOW. I’m sure if you have been into magic for a while, you may have seen or owner a few Haunted Decks but this is truly unique. This is really amazing, devious and visually astounding without using any gimmicks. Before you know it Halloween will be upon us but you don’t have to wait until then. Do it anytime, anywhere as it is impromptu. The deck it totally unprepared - nothing to make, buy extra or add to the deck. The spectator can shuffle and really pick whatever card they want - no forces. When you find out how it is done you will be floored, I have never seen anything like this ever before.

There is a little work to be practiced along with a minor sleigh that you will probably already know and use. There is nothing that difficult that you cannot master quickly. Angles are excellent if done properly. You can do this anytime in your routine whether you use a table or in. A strolling environment. A great buy, don’t hesitate.

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Author: Jeki Yoo
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A deck of cards can be shuffled by the audience. A card is selected, and lost back in the deck. The deck is then balanced on the back of the card box and held with one hand by the magician. Slowly, and eerily, the back cuts itself with the bottom half of the deck pushing itself out from underneath the top packet. The card that pushes itself out the furthest is in fact the selected

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