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EP Principle Review

Official Review

July 27th, 2022 12:11am
Reviewed by Elliott Smith
This self-working effect is a mini miracle as to your spectator it will appear to be impossible. Most all of it is done by the spectator and does not require you to do any sleights, any arts and crafts, nothing to make or add or memorize. You don’t even have to be good it math. Incredible? Yes it is, all you need to do is deal cards onto the table. When you watch the process of all the counting it may seem a little long but like most great effects, it is well worth the wait. Use your deck, a borrowed deck, it doesn’t matter as long as it is a full deck without Jokers. Quite a great impromptu trick you can do anywhere anytime.

You will learn and maybe already know this old principle that makes EP Principle work and you can use this for other effects as well. It is so cleverly disguised, it has fooled you too without even being aware of what it is. It did me! Even though Woody has a ‘bit’of an accent, he does a great job of teaching this effect. You may get a little lost at first, but if you follow along with a deck of cards in hand, it will be quite simple. Woody also teaches a few other applications that you will also enjoy performing.

This is very nice, very easy and looks impossible. A great buy, easy to do and a perfect addition to your repertoire.

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Author: Woody Aragon
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Manufacturer's Description:

Woody Aragon is known for his elegant self-working magic. In The EP Principle, he not only teaches you a foundational element of self-working magic, but he also shares with you one of his favorite effects as well as new applications to fool the blazes out of your audience.

The highlight of this download, which is over a half-hour long, is the Alpha and Omega trick. Woody has taken an effect from The Royal Road to Card Magic and supercharged it with The EP Principle so that it appears more impossible, more hands-off, and more like a miracle. No sleight of hand required and no memorization. The EP Principle will transform your self-working magic into self-working miracles.

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