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Predict-tac-toe Review

Official Review

July 25th, 2022 6:13pm
Reviewed by Elliott Smith
I love this one, a blast from the past. When I first heard the name of this effect, it drummed up lots of memories playing this game when I was a kid, sometimes just to pass the time. Winning was always a challenge in this very simple game and having a strategy was also what it was all about. But now being able to predict the outcome … wow! Is Predict-tac-toe a magic trick, is it a prediction, is it a feat of mentalism? Yes, it all of that and lots of fun.

How handy is this one, like anywhere, anytime all you need is a pen and paper and you are ready to go. Meet some new people and once they find out that you are a Magican the next comment is usually “show me a trick” and with this one you are always prepared and ready to amaze them.

Simone does a great job of explaining and teaching this effect with no gimmicks, nothing to make or prepare, just your prediction either written on paper in an envelope or using a photo as she demonstrated or use a picture on your phone. I like the photo idea as it adds a little extra dimension. This is so simple to learn, nothing sophisticated, nothing difficult to memorize. As we know, sometimes things don’t work out as planned so you will also learn some alternate ‘things’ to ensure this effects success. This purchase also comes with two .pdf attachments, one from Richard Osterlind with some further hints.

This is definitely a great buy, you will be able to start performing this within minutes and blowing away your spectators. I love this one and will certainly be one of my new go to’s.

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Author: Richard Osterlind
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Predict-Tac-Toe is a classic prediction effect with a simple game everyone is familiar with. Using what seems like an ordinary game of Tic-Tac-Toe you can predict the future, show a very strong coincidence, or even control the mind of your opponent. Originally created by Richard Osterlind, and now presented by Simone Turkington, this is Predic-Tac-Toe.

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