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Tattoo You Review

Official Review

July 24th, 2022 8:55am
Reviewed by Elliott Smith
This is a permanent reputation maker. How does this happen, is it really possible? Yes it is and John does an amazing job of teaching this very visual effect. You will need an extra something and if you don’t already have one, it is easily accessible from your favorite magic shop … and it’s very cheap. If you are an arts and craft type of person, feel free to make your own. Once you have it, you are good to go.

There are a few easy sleights to learn and with a little work you are ready to start amazing your spectators, well worth the time invested. Watch the tutorial a few times and it will keep getting progressively easier, it’s not that difficult. If you don’t already know these moves, they are invaluable slights to add to your existing repertoire.

This effect is a prediction and the immediate and visual transposition of the spectators initials leaving them with a really cool souvenir. Tattoo You is a very new and different effect, the climax is stupendous and the spectator can freely examine both cards at the end. This is an ‘eye candy’ effect that you need to add to your routine and well worth the time invested and the price.

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Author: John Bannon
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What starts as a simple prediction effect ends with a spectator’s signature visibly moving to a different card. John Bannon’s Tattoo You is a powerful effect that your spectators don’t see coming. It’s one of those strange effects where it seems like you make an impossible object in real-time that you can then give away as a souvenir.

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