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Damaged Review

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July 19th, 2022 2:27am
Reviewed by Elliott Smith
No, it’s not trick photography. This is freaking amazing and is it real not trick photography CGI. How could this be? When I watched the trailer I knew I wanted to learn this one. It blew me away and I’m sure you too and will do so to any spectator you perform this for. And you can do it with a borrowed deck? YES if you want but better to use your own. Make sure if it’s borrowed, they know there will be some damage that will ensue. You will learn the technique of how to do this in under 9 minutes. There is no arts and crafts needed - nothing to make but you will need to learn a couple of little somethings. One of them you, all of your already know - it’s a basic and standard sleight. For the other one, those experienced card workers out there will probably already use this or know how to do it. For the newbies, what an amazing opportunity to learn this move and perform this incredible effect.

David does add for very nice flourishes to better sell this effect but not necessary to create the dynamic finale that will blow your spectators away. David does an amazing job of teaching every move and nuance you will need to pull this off. Strat clean and end clean.

Any time that you can leave your spectator with a take away souvenir of your magic, it will be memory they will not forget every time they show someone or look at this keepsake. This is a veery nice, visual and deceptive effect you want to add to your repertoire, well worth the time you will invest to learn it. A reputation make … possible. Thanks for sharing David!

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Author: David Stone
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FISM winner David Stone creates some of the most visual and high impact magic in the world. Damaged will leave your audience wondering if what they saw was real or trick photography, until you send them home with a memento of an impossible moment. You are going to beat your audience’s brain up with Damaged.

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