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MagiKub Review

Official Review

June 8th, 2022 5:27pm
Reviewed by Paul Budd
OK, so: here's the deal. I am writing this in early Summer 2022. This item was released roughly 5 years ago. Beginning maybe 2 years prior to that, moving forward....there has been a WATERFALL of Rubik's cube effects released. Honestly: This is the only one I've ever bear that in mind.
The prop itself, with the applicable gimmick is pretty darned solid....not kevlar-level solid.....but if you handle it in a sane manner and perform it twice a month, or so.....this thing should last for years. In the way in which you show it be a 'normal' Rubik's cube, there are some VERY minor limitations in that regard.....but there are 300 work arounds and handlings you might come up with to help with that (heck, his instruction video and his plain old ad video on YouTube will give you easily 10 suggestions on how to handle that problem)......which is barely a problem, even. The trick here is to NOT overthink it.
You can't honestly hand this out, per se......but someone who's been into magic for 30 minutes could figure out how to do a switch with a standard cube. When demonstrating it, he even 'solves' it with hardly a flick of his hand....that really IS the trick......not much movement and BAM!'s solved.
The video is good. I normally have a hard bias against videos with no talking, but he handles the item very slowly and carefully and there are piles of captions (in English) to help out. I had no problem catching on fast.
When you carefully consider the structure and application of the gimmick, I find the price to be a bit high, for what it is. Maybe he had to buy a license or something. But, I make this promise: I will be working this into my performances.....and soon! Buy this one, spend time with'll like it!!

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Author: Federico Poeymiro
Publisher: Federico Poeymiro
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $74.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Do you think you have seen everything regarding a Rubik's Cube?

Could you imagine putting the pieces together in just one second?

With MAGIKUB, you can do exactly that - solve the puzzle in one second!! In the blink of an eye, each side is a different solid color! Impossible!

A great quality magical effect that will leave your audience speechless!

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