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The Traveler (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Review

Official Review

June 22nd, 2022 11:40pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
If you carry more than one coin in your pocket when performing magic, you likely carry them in a coin purse. These days, even if you eliminate poorly made wallets, you have countless options to choose from. Among those, the variety in appearance, material, shape and functionality make the decision even harder.

Enter the “Traveler” wallet by Jeff Copeland. First things first, it’s an excellently made wallet that will last you many years of use. In fact, as Mr. Copeland explains, his has been in his pocket for 12 years and has only improved with age. It should be pointed out that, as it is made from actual leather, it does need to be broken in to get maximum functionality and for ease of use. (Though, in my case, it didn’t take a substantial amount of work or time to break in.)

Its design is the first thing that sets the Traveler apart from other wallets. It opens and closes somewhat like the lens of a camera, making it very distinctive and visually interesting. This also leads to my favorite aspect of the wallet, which is that, while flat when storing coins, when opened it assumes the shape of a leather cup. (This is definitely a case of a picture being worth a thousand words, so go to and check out the images if my description isn’t clear.)

What this means is that, when opened up, the wallet becomes a prop that can be used as part of a magic performance. There are many existing routines that utilize a coin purse as part of the effect, but its shape allows the Traveler to be used for many routines that would otherwise require the performer to carry or obtain a glass. Further, the nature, softness and opacity of the leather mean that this wallet can accomplish many things a regular glass cannot. On top of this, Mr. Copeland has built a special feature into the wallet that allows for the holding out of a coin or coins, expanding the possible uses of the wallet. Many of these applications can be seen in the almost three hour tutorial video that accompanies the wallet.

The tutorial video covers an in depth exploration of the features of the wallet, along with four thoroughly explained routines that utilize the Traveler in performance, as well as a few bonus ideas. The routines are workers and come from Mr. Copeland’s personal repertoire, which is a refreshing change of pace from many releases these days, where the routines taught seem to have been created right after the prop was invented and clearly haven’t been worked out to the nth degree as these routines have.

The tricks taught include a shrinking and growing coin that ends with a jumbo coin production, a version of the wild coin plot, a multiple phase poker chip transformation routine with an unusual jumbo production kicker, and a 3 coin vanish and production sequence that uses the wallet for the finale. While none of the routines blew me away, there were several moments that fooled me and a number of the other techniques and methods were clever and effective. The props required for these effects should be in the possession of most magicians, with the exception of the production items for the poker chip routine, a set of which can be purchased online for around $8. The sleights required will be familiar to the intermediate coin worker, and the explanations cover every possible detail. And while not succinct, I did appreciate that Mr. Copeland took the time to cover every possible element he could think to address.

For $30, the price of the Traveler is right in line with many of the gimmicked coin wallets available today. Given its quality, even if you just use it to carry coins, it’s worth the cost. But when you add in the amount of material taught, the wallet’s ability to hold out coins, as well the option to use it as a cup, it’s an excellent purchase, well worth the asking price.

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Product info for The Traveler (Gimmick and Online Instructions)

Author: Copeland, Jeff
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Traveler Coin Wallet is epitome of style, form and function, designed with the serious coin worker in mind. Originally crafted to hold and carry your prized coins & small wares, Jeff has ingeniously added a special feature to The Traveler that allows it to double as a utility gimmick that will allow you to also perform killer coin magic.

Each Traveler is meticulously selected from the finest, cured goat leather, and individually hand sewn by a seasoned, leather tanning artisan. Each Traveler will also include a secret URL that will deliver five original routines from Jeff's working library to use with your new Traveler Coin Wallet.

The Traveler is the world first coin wallet to infuse magic and aesthetic function into one unique coin wallet that will gain natural character over time.

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