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Mark Southworth's Double Cross Review

June 11th, 2022 9:08pm
Reviewed by David Ung
Double Cross first hit the market in 2017 and many years later continues to be a staple in many magicians’ working repertoire, including mine. The general premise is that you draw an x onto your hand with a sharpie, pick it off with your fingers and then magically throw it into your participants enclosed fist where it now displays on the palm of their hand.

When you first learn how this is done, there may be some apprehension with getting the x on the participants hand, but that should not deter you from trying it as once you do, you’ll quickly realise that no one knows what’s happening so you remain one step ahead. If you’ve ever done card/coin under watch or ring/coin on shoulder then you’ll be very comfortable with handling Double Cross.

Although this trick is immediately reset and thus repeatable, it’s best to watch your angles more closely as people will be looking a bit more closely the second time around. Use your own judgement as necessary when it comes to audience management and repeating trick. You’re sure to get people come around saying “Do this trick again!” while holding their hand showing everyone the X, and thus the ending!

There is now a new version of Double Cross where a heart appears instead of a cross. This opens the presentational possibilities even more as you explore the relationship between a couple, show people that love is everywhere or try to woo someone with your magic (and personality)! This is the version of Double Cross I prefer to do as I want to put the focus on others and less on myself, but that’s a performers choice.

The high price of Double Cross may deter people from buying it, claiming it’s not worth the price, but that only ensures that magicians who know the true value of it continue to do it while others miss out. The other pricey element of Double Cross is the eventual need to replace parts, the stamp for Double Cross may break and you would need to get a replacement, this can be purchased for $25 which is not bad as they’ll last a long time as long as you look after it. The other replacement item is the cartridge for the ink, also priced at $25. These can be deal breakers for some people, but the fact that refills are being sold means this product is being supported, which is good in my eyes as there have been older products which you can no longer get refills for.

The old adage of magic is best when done in the participants hands is never truer here and Double Cross has cemented itself as a must have when it comes to walkaround, close up magic alongside the like of Omni Deck and Sponge Balls.

Product info for Mark Southworth's Double Cross

Author: Southworth, Mark
Publisher: Magic Smith
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $60.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Ask a spectator to hold out their hand and make a closed fist. Pull out a marker and draw an 'X' on the center of your palm and close it into a fist. Now without any rubbing, erasing or funny business, you slowly open your hand and reveal your X is COMPLETELY GONE. Now ask the spectator to open their hand - THE X IS ON THEIR PALM!

Ask them to try to rub away the X - they can't! It's Sharpie ink! Tell them not to worry though - it's safe and nontoxic and can be washed away easily with soap and water.

The secret behind Double Cross is diabolically clever, and perhaps more importantly, practical. Its always inked and ready to go. There is nothing you need to make or prepare beforehand - just throw the pen in your pocket and you can perform it all night long.

Because there's no difficult sleights, you'll sail through the routine. You're so far ahead the spectators will never remember you coming near them or even touching them. The result is a unique magic effect that's self-contained, has NO reset, and can be performed surrounded. Its a table hopper's dream.

Double Cross includes the MagicSmith designed and fabricated Double Cross Sharpie pen, accessories and complete instructions.

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