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Xpert, The Review

Official Review

February 6th, 2004 3:21pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
Ok, this product has universally received the highest of accolades. Here's the real scoop. You are getting a tool. A tool has power depending on the hands of the craftsman. For some people, this will be a devious weapon in their arsenal. For others, another $20 item to go into their junk drawer.

However, I do encourage you to try out the routines provided. Neil Tobin has included 4 very nice routines which anyone can do pretty much right out of the box. Unfortunately by giving us four, some people won't know where to begin. Do the bent coin trick. You will feel as if you got your money's worth immediately. Also, seek out Tim Trono's handling. It too is very good.

Ok, so what can you do with this tool?

Basically it allows for the manipulation of markings on certain objects. Because of this you can do clever one ahead tricks, marked bent object effects, etc. There is also a collection of ideas online for those who have the product, I believe. I have looked at a handful of these and I think this is the best way to judge the product, from the problems it has solved and the ideas it has helped produce.

The product is VERY well made and the instructions are fine. Like my review of the Golden Shells, I have a hard time giving a tool 5 stars unless it came with totally complete routines that were stunning. As it comes with good routines, and the prop is perfect for what it is, I give it a strong four in hopes it will encourage creative types to invest and come up with something wonderful.

Product info for Xpert, The

Author: Tobin, Neil
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

An Indispensable New Utility Device for Mentalists and Magicians

"Neil Tobin's device is an astounding accomplishment and will be embraced by magicians and mentalists - I love it!" -Ben Harris

"The Xpert device is the missing ingredient to my work on the X principle. No working magician or mentalist doing any X work can afford to be without this!" -Kenton Knepper

Discover a new utility device, one that's already being used by performing mentalists and magicians who appreciate its understated power and seemingly limitless possibilities. Utilizing the subtle principle illuminated in Kenton Knepper's manuscript, X, and launching it into the next dimension, the Xpert makes possible a wide variety of miraculously direct and virtually sleight-free effects, including:

Out of Body Xpert
A borrowed coin is chosen from a handful of change, marked with a participant's initial, has its date noted, and is tightly held in anybody's hands- yet the performer invisibly extracts the coin; it is soon found in the pocket of another participant some distance away!

Xpert Epic
The performer clearly and boldly numbers the blank sides of three postcards one through three. Picking up each numbered postcard in proper sequence, the performer shows the number on top and then writes his thoughts beneath. At the conclusion, all three postcards are shown to have correct predictions and may be given away afterward. No forces necessary.

Xpert X-ed Card
A card is freely selected (no force) and kept facedown while its back is visibly marked with a bold X. The cards are mixed, and the performer not so amazingly locates the X-ed card. But then comes the surprise-although the performer is no sleight-of-hand wizard, he is a mentalist: the X-ed card is turned face up to reveal the words "My Prediction" printed on its face. All the cards may be examined or given away. Instant reset, ends clean, no switches.

Xpert Vampire Hunter
A participant selects and signs a card to represent her in the role of "vampire hunter." To represent a vampire, another card is signed with an ankh, the ancient symbol of the immortal; it is then lost within a packet of cards. The participant inserts here card face up into the packet anywhere she chooses: if she's a successful vampire hunter, the vampire will be found just beneath her card. But when the cards are spread, the vampire card is gone! Yet she's successful after all-her signed card is turned over, and inscribed on its back is the vampire symbol! This card is given to the participant as a truly bizarre souvenir. No specially printed cards, no palming, no swamis.

You receive the staple-bound, 16-page, illustrated manuscript and gimmick.

Available from your favorite magic dealer.

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