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The Sign by Liam Montier Review

Official Review

June 17th, 2022 11:39pm
Reviewed by Paul Budd
This may have (at one time) been a combo DVD/props. The item I received was a DVD sleeve, holding the 12 cards and a little promo card discussing how to watch the instructional video via Alakazam Magic (based in the UK) -- you actually have to have an account with them to utilize the video code, so remember that if you happen to pick this one up.
When people reference 'Brainwave' they can either be talking about the gimmicked-type deck OR a certain (pretty simple) false display "move". ......kinda two separate things. This trick uses, straight and simple: the 2nd method. I own a zillion of these little sets/packets. One of my favorites uses cereal boxes ("Cereal Box Brainwave")....and its fun. You essentially indicate that you already knew the person's Zodiac sign, because that was the one with a different color on its back than all the rest of the cards. Is it hard-hitting? No. But: you can learn it pretty quick and, with the right'll play fairly well.

I am just not a big fan of Zodiac stuff. While I am uncertain, I think Liam Montier has released a recent trick that also uses regular playing cards, with some kind of Zodiac stuff woven in. This one is getting hard to come by.....if you find it on it! Not my style, but a pretty OK trick for a reasonable price.

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Publisher: Alakazam UK
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Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Inspired by Nick Trost and Peter Nardi, The Sign is Liam Montier's Star Sign Revelation. It's difficult to imagine a more direct method for revealing this personal information about any spectator you meet!

There're no anagrams, memory work (you don't even need to know anything about the signs!), no rough and smooth or sticky stuff.

To begin, you remove a packet of gorgeously designed and specially produced Zodiac cards, all before asking a total stranger what their sign is. The card bearing their sign is removed and placed in full view on the table.

The other cards are displayed, and they all have blue backs...

Astonishingly, the one bearing your spectator's star sign is turned over (ideally by the spectator themselves) and turns out to be the only one with a red back! No tricky sleight of hand Instant reset No memory work or anagrams Self-contained The ultimate ice breaker

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