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Packet Wallet Review

Official Review

July 14th, 2022 5:36am
Reviewed by Stephan Sloan
In my humble opinion, the TCC packet trick wallet is by far the best wallet to house your favorite packet tricks. The TCC wallet went through a few changes since its first release and I really like what they have done to the latest version. The main reason I like the wallet is because it is made of PU leather. It's not that I'm concerned whether natural leather is used or not, but I found that the very expensive real leather packet trick wallets stained my very expensive packet tricks. Although natural leather is the hallmark of quality, I had several packet tricks turn gray from the dye leaching from the leather. If one is concerned that the PU leather in TCC's packet trick wallet would look cheap, don't be. The wallet has the look and texture of fine leather. One would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the PU and real leather. The inside of the wallet is finely appointed as well and the vinyl pockets have a slanted cut to allow easy removal of the packet trick. This particular wallet houses only two packet tricks. If you carry more than that then you may want to look at alternatives. I'm anxiously waiting for them to release a four packet trick wallet which for me would be ideal.

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Author: TCC
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Manufacturer's Description:

Have you performed a packet trick by first removing the cards from a torn, plastic carrier? It's time to give your presentation "CLASS" by using a professional, leather Packet Wallet by TCC. First impressions say a lot about you, and when you show this Packet Wallet, you're telling your audience you are a MAGICIAN.

The design is simple, yet elegant. You'll be proud to display this Packet Wallet, as it is of the finest PU leather. We were very particular in making this so you'd be thrilled with it. We selected eight leather industries from 60 before finally choosing the one with the best craftsman's spirit and sense of quality detail. We spent three months making a conscientious selection in materials, colors, and wallet design. In short, detailed craftsmanship at an affordable price!

Enjoy performing your packet effects with the new Packet Wallet.

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