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Sudouku Review

June 8th, 2022 2:07am
Reviewed by Stephan Sloan
There are a few sharp divides amongst mentalists when it comes to some performance pieces. One is, why should a book be used in order to have a spectator think of a word? The answer of course, is obvious. Well, a couple of thinkers out there tried justify the use of a book for reference instead of just obtaining a word. This philosophy brought about a genre of books tests that are visually different than the traditional book test. There are some that look like travel guides, street maps, crosswords and other game type books.
Sudoku by Scott Creasey fits into this new "style" of book test. Looking like an ordinary puzzle book you would pick up at a pharmacy or grocery store, it allows the performer the opportunity to do almost a half hour (depending on performance style) with this one book alone. Not that it is recommended you do all of that with the single book but the options are there. Nestled between the front and back cover are 56 crossword pages and 56 Sudoku pages. In addition to the puzzle pages there are 4 pages with forces and brain teasers. This was well thought out.
Like all effects there are some pluses and minuses. On the plus side there are a lot of pages which appear all different. The layout is very good and the spectator can pick any page. The layout is such that there is always a crossword on the left (spectator's view) and the Sudoku puzzle on the right. They can choose either one to start with. The book can be passed to another spectator and the revelations will be different. There is enough variation amongst the pages that repetitive performances shouldn't be a problem. The book is of high quality and should last years.
The extensiveness of the revelations as refreshing as it is, poses a little bit of a dilemma. There are more than 43 words to remember with no real mnemonic system offered. In addition, there are the Sudoku revelations as well. To do this well, there is a lot to remember. They offer a crib on the back cover but that is basically useless if the spectator is holding the book. It would have been nice to have a second copy with a different cover so the spectator can be offered a selection of two books, both with cribs on them. I always felt that some memory work wouldn't hurt and the performance seems "more real" if I can recall the words without having to use a crib, but some people prefer using cribs.
Sudoku is not very expensive for what you get. the book is well made and the instructions are fairly well written. For what some book tests cost, it's a fraction of the more expensive "wordy" book test and it is well worth carrying it around without the worry of losing a very expensive prop.

Product info for Sudouku

Author: Creasey, Scott
Publisher: World Magic Shop
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $47.15
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Sudoku Booktest looks like something that can be picked up at a local store. The reality is that this innocent looking book can be used to create a full twenty minute mentalism routine for multiple or single participants culminating in a high energy performance of the magic square.

Every test is justified with a psychological test (also featured in the book) providing you with an engaging intro to each demonstration.

All of the effects require no memory work at all meaning that you can concentrate on blowing people away.

Just some of the effects possible:
Effect 1
After successfully transmitting a number to them, your subject thinks of multiple numbers within a Sudoku puzzle from anywhere in the book. You are able to reveal the numbers and also the order in which they are thought of! They never write anything down and all of the puzzles are different.

Effect 2
Your subject chooses any word search puzzle and concentrates on one of the words. With no fishing at all you reveal the chosen word! This is incredibly direct!

Effect 3
After a psychological demonstration courtesy of Cambridge University, which is also printed in the book, another subject thinks of a different word. In a random order, the letters are transmitted to the performer before the word is revealed as a whole.

Effect 4
The subject chooses one of the words from the word search. They are then asked to draw what it represents to them. Under impossible and test conditions you can recreate the image. You can do this back to back for theatrical effect or even from in another room.

Effect 5
On a pad, the performer draws a large square which is split up into 16 smaller squares. A final volunteer opens the book to any Sudoku puzzle and chooses any square containing random digits. Two individual digits are chosen and their order is decided upon by the volunteer. Within thirty second the performer completes an amazing Sudoku puzzle that adds up to the chosen number in multiple ways leaving them in no doubt of your abilities.

Use all or just a couple of the effects above to leave your audience speechless!

You will receive an innocent looking Sudoku Word Search booklet featuring 118 pages in total. It has 112 puzzle pages (56 Sudoku Puzzles and 56 Word Search Puzzles). The back of the book also features the psychological stunt pages which allow you to intro each effect so convincingly.

With this book, a pad of paper and a pen you can perform a stand alone act suitable for adults and children in any performing conditions ranging from close up to cabaret.

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