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Chicken Thieves Review

Official Review

June 24th, 2022 6:37am
Reviewed by Stephan Sloan
"A really Simple - but baffling, crazy fun one-minute, fast paced routine you will have so much fun with!
It will quickly become the first trick you do when people say, "SHOW ME A TRICK !"

The above statement is printed right on the front of the box, and if you read it without seeing the performance you might consider it hyperbole. However, there may be some truth to that claim. Chicken Thieves is a clever take on an old coin trick called Thieves and Sheep by Milton Korn and Stewart James. What I like about Chicken Thieves is that the story can be understood by all but the very youngest of age and the props are funny. What you get in the box are six small plastic "rubber" chickens and a set of written instructions. On the instructions there is a link for a online tutorial as well. The chickens are one and a half inches long and the trick requires five of them.

The premise is simple, a story is told about a couple of chicken thieves sneaking onto a farm to steal some chickens. The magicians two hands play the role of the thieves and alternatively pick up the chickens. However, as they are about to make their escape they see the farmer and start to put the chickens back, but not all. The farmer turns his back and the thieves (the magicians hands) start to gather up more chickens. Once again the farmer heads for the coop, now fearing getting caught, one thief hides and the other puts down one of his chickens. Noticing the lone thief, the farmer runs after him, the thief takes off leaving a chicken behind (but he has more, at least we think). The second thief grabs the chicken and runs home. The hapless thief is caught by the farmer who demands his chickens back, but alas the thief can't comply because (as the magicians hand is opened) he has none, the other guy got them all.

This trick packs ultra small, I have all the chickens in a 2" x 2" velvet bag. It is practically weightless and it takes up virtually no space in your pocket. The story line is cute and appeals to children as well as adults. There is no slight of hand. Its workings is totally mathematical and it will only take about fifteen minutes of practice to get the pattern down as to how to pick up and put down the chickens. If you should lose any chickens they are available online in packs of twelve for about $10. Chicken Thieves is a fun but not complex trick that will baffle even the smartest spectator.

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Product info for Chicken Thieves

Author: George Sands
Publisher: Alan Sands
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Chicken Thieves is a quick, easy to master, effect that will become a proprietary effect you perform impromptu or as part of your regular show. It is great as an add-on for sponge balls, cups and balls or coin effects.

The routine, created by George Sands is a story of two chicken thieves that come to a farm and steal chickens. It is cute, fast-paced and so wonderfully simple you are going to fall in love with it immediately.

The skill level is "first trick to learn" level. It is great for teaching children or adults with no skill level, as the first sleight-of-hand move they learn. Once you learn the move, you will fool 99.9% of all audiences - and it will be the routine you show people when they say, "show me a trick".

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