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REFILL Lit (14 cards) Review

May 27th, 2022 2:16am
Reviewed by Stephan Sloan
One of the most timeless plots in magic is Card to Impossible Location. For those that don’t know the plot, a card is chosen by a spectator, the card is lost in the deck, the card disappears from the deck and ends up in a strange or impossible location such as a wallet, picture frame, etc. As impressive as that is there is always someone who wants to take a trick to the next level. One of the more interesting versions of this genre of magic is Lit by Dan White and Dan Hauss. Lit seemingly starts of the same way, which is a card is chosen but instead of it being in an impossible location, the card itself becomes the impossible location.

The performer takes out an ordinary matchbook and a simple trick is done with it. The matchbook is then given to a spectator to hold. A deck of cards is now taken out and a card is chosen. What ultimately happens is the card is no longer in the deck but now becomes the very matchbook that the spectator was holding the whole time.

Lit is a great trick with a one “ two punch. Nobody sees it coming. The trick uses gimmicked cards printed by the Bicycle Playing Card Company. The face of the card is ordinary but the back when folded up it looks an actual matchbook with the striker and all. There is a size discrepancy, but it is minor and would not be noticed. Initially released about ten years ago. The initial release consisted of a DVD and 14 gimmicks. Additional gimmicks were available but in small quantities. However, Lit sold out everywhere. There was long period of time where there were no more gimmicks to be had. Just recently the trick was re-released with an updated training video. Now, the gimmicks are available again as a deck. That is 52 matchbook gimmicks and 2 for the new matchbox handling. The price ranges from $24.50 - $34.95 depending on where and when you order. The per gimmick price then becomes 47¢ - 67¢ each. Although I personally think the price is steep for a gimmicked card, if you reuse the gimmick and not give it away it would offset the cost. If this is one that you think you would like to do, I would wait for a sale of a magic website and stock up.

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Author: Dan White and Dan Hauss
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Refill Cards for Dan White and Dan Hauss' Lit.

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