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Along For The Ride Review

Official Review

May 18th, 2022 10:56am
Reviewed by James Sanden
In Peter Nardi’s “Along For The Ride” you take four jokers and put two of them face down in the spectator’s hands, keeping the other two for yourself. Placing your jokers face to face, you do the obligatory magical gesture, and when you separate your cards the images of the jokers have vanished, leaving only the word “Joker” behind. When the spectator looks at their cards the images of the missing jokers are seen to have joined the printed jokers already on their cards, leaving two magically altered objects in their hands.

The routine comes with the necessary gimmicked cards as well as a link to an online instructional video. Mr. Nardi cites NFW by Gary Freed, Double Back by Jon Allen and Ace by Richard Sanders as inspiration for his effect. Comparing “Along For The Ride” to the other routines, Double Back is more of an approach to Doc Daley’s Last Trick, while NFW and Ace both transform the jokers into aces. Not only does “Along For The Ride” change the effect completely, it’s also much shorter and more direct than the other routines, the trade off being less effort is taken to convince the spectators of the ordinary nature of the cards. The video instruction is short, but complete and clear, which isn’t a problem because the method is extremely simple. In fact, if you watched the trailer, it’s more than likely you already know the method, so what you’re really purchasing is the cards themselves.

The effect is quick, punchy and very strong. The displays used, while discrepant, if performed casually will fly by the spectator. And while the cards you hold at the end cannot be examined, they can be displayed quite freely and openly. But more importantly, all interest will be on their cards, which they can examine as much as they like. And while the magic is good, I think it’s important to note it’s not mind blowingly impossible. However, not all magicians are concerned with their magic being that strong, and even for those that are, there is space for variety and texture, particularly in the middle of a set. In fact, Mr. Nardi explains that he stores the jokers in a packet trick wallet labeled “Spare Jokers” and performs this routine after another of his called “Runaway Joker.” I’ve not seen that effect, but the idea of performing several routines with a packet of extra jokers is a great idea. (In fact, you could end with Wild Card and have a complete three trick set with a killer ending.)

Mr. Nardi says he created the routine as part of his search for a fun, walk around effect that happens in the spectator’s hands and leaves them with a physically altered object. That is exactly what you get with this purchase. The method is by no means revolutionary, but it is undoubtedly effective. To be frank, what you are really paying for is the specially printed cards, so if you like what you see in the trailer, you’ll be happy with your purchase.

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Product info for Along For The Ride

Author: Nardi, Peter
Publisher: Alakazam UK
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $22.75
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Manufacturer's Description:

"Along For The Ride" is a fun new effect from Peter Nardi using four Bicycle backed jokers.

Two jokers are held by your spectator and two are held by the magician.

The magician explains that the jokers from his hands will vanish and appear in his spectator's hand. Both the magician and spectator cover the cards in their hands. After a second or two the magician states that his jokers have traveled to join the jokers in his spectator's hands.

The magician now opens his hands BUT the two cards are still there? Ah but remember he said the Jokers would travel! The magician turns over both of his cards to show they still have the word joker and the surrounding detail but the joker itself has vanished.. If that wasn't visual enough the spectator now turns over his cards only to discover that each card now houses two Jokers riding side by side!

**Along For The Ride Is Easy to do, Perfect for any close up environment, Comes with custom printed cards on Bicycle stock and Access to full streaming video instructions.

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