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Lucky Card Red (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Review

Official Review

April 8th, 2022 3:30am
Reviewed by James Sanden
“Object to impossible location” is a classic plot for a reason. It has the potential to create a truly impossible magic moment. Costa Funtastico’s “Lucky Card” is in the sub-category where the impossible location begins with the folded card (which will turn out to be the selection) in full view. There are many, many approaches to this version, from expensive gimmicked boxes (like David Regal’s excellent Clarity Box) to almost entirely sleight of hand approaches (like Jay Sankey’s modern classic Paperclipped.) In Mr. Funtastico’s approach the folded card is paperclipped to the back of another playing card.

“Lucky Card” includes a gimmick along with a link to a 13 ½ minute instructional video. In addition to the standard plot, a color changing card effect is taught, as well as a card to bill effect. The person who provides the instruction (not Mr. Funtastico) does not appear truly proficient with the gimmick. This isn’t to say the gimmick is difficult to use or will require hours of practice to master, but it does mean that during the instruction something flashes and the technique is a bit sloppy. If you are going to teach a method, I think it’s important to teach it well, including taking the time to attain a level of competency. (This should be obvious and it’s unfortunate I have to make the point.)

The gimmick takes one of the more popular methodological solutions to the plot and places it on the back of a playing card. The immediate question that comes to mind is “why?” Why do you paperclip a card to the back of another playing card? The trailer offers an interesting justification by having the gimmicked card initially displayed face out, paperclipped to your breast pocket. When the face of that card turns out to not match the selection, you then reveal that paperclipped to the back of the card is another folded card that turns out to be the signed selection. This presentation includes surprise, a plot twist and the classic “magician in trouble” dynamic, all while justifying the somewhat illogical nature of the gimmick. However, the instructions do not teach this approach, simply suggesting you leave the card out on the table before the routine begins. This is lazy thinking. In my mind, a “real” magician wouldn’t paperclip a card to another card. If you want a casual and organic location, there are many options better than the back of a playing card, from the back of a cell phone wallet (Alibi by Mark Mason and Kaan Akdogan) to a card resting on a bill (Profiteer by Adrian Vega) to an ordinary jar (The Jar by Kozmo.) The number of available options is truly staggering.

But even if you take the approach briefly seen in the trailer, there are still problems. The folded card on the gimmick does not look realistic, as it has no depth. Second, the gimmick on my card didn’t fold flat and blend in with the card back after the switch, as it does in the trailer. To make it deceptive I had to quickly press down on it with my first finger so that it blended in with the back of the card. While this is a workable solution, the gimmick should at the very least operate correctly right out of the box, which again suggests very little time or energy was spent on developing a quality prop.

Unfortunately, “Lucky Card” is an example of an idea that should have either been discarded or developed further before being brought to market. Given the huge number of methods available, there are far better options than this one.

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Author: Costa Funtastico
Publisher: Magic Tao
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Have you ever wanted to control your own luck? Now you can.

A folded card is held with a paperclip, on top of a random card. You explain that this is your lucky card. You have a card selected, signed and then lost in the deck. You then point to the folded card. You tip the lucky card into the spectator's hand for them to open. To their amazement, it is their signed card!

Custom made gimmick supplied.

"Lucky card is a great little gimmick that is so easy to use and really packs a punch! It's not often that I use other people's material, but I REALLY dig this!" - Danny Weiser

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