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Wishbone (DVD & Gimmicks) Review

Official Review

March 9th, 2022 1:48am
Reviewed by chipperPaul
I honestly try to ponder and meditate and CAREFULLY CONSIDER my words whenever I write a review. In a perfect world, I like to perform an effect a few times before reviewing it. Circumstances have not allowed me to do that on this effect, however: I have watched the instruction video on this one several times and have practiced with the gimmick quite a bit. I’ve also looked at some ancillary sources on this effect, so I think I can give a fair review overall. As far as ‘mechanics’ are concerned, this effect/gimmick is pretty solid! The handling really isn’t too complex. It uses coffee stirrers (the wooden-type) that one might find at most coffee houses. You (essentially) break two of the sticks (after spectators initial them) and then appear to fuse two of the ends together utilizing the spectators’ cosmic energy (or whatever). Again, the gimmick is solid…..and although simple, it looks kinda cool.

There is nothing bad, broken or wrong about this trick/gimmick. My small hang-up is that it would just be sort of awkward to perform this away from a coffee house. That isn’t a crime, however! The teacher, Bro Gilbert, makes it clear that this is the kind of thing you show friends while you are at a coffee house…, no biggie. There is also this thing of having the spectators initial each of the sticks….which has an awkward vibe to it.

You get an OK supply of needed gimmicks, but you will be buying refill(s) pretty soon, so factor that in to any decisions on this one. Will this be a reputation maker? Will this burst open the doors of corporate work for you? ……..I’m leaning toward ‘no’ and ‘no’ for both of those questions. It isn't DEEPLY's clever......sure! .....but not blow-your-mind amazing. Could it easily find a place in your arsenal…? Sure! Absolutely! The instructional video (link provided with effect) is well-paced, well-shot and clear. If you come across this trick for a reasonable price, pick it up!

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Product info for Wishbone (DVD & Gimmicks)

Author: Gilbert, Bro, Harris, Paul
Publisher: Paul Harris
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $34.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

An impossible souvenir with two wood coffee stirrers. They can even be signed!

Snap off two ends, put them in her hand.
The two initialed pieces impossibly melt into a single seamless "wishbone"...which she can keep forever and ever.

Be a Star at Starbucks...or wherever you hang out for coffee.

Very easy to do Completely self-contained No palming or switches Perform surrounded Refills available
"WishBone" souvenir is completely examinable: no seams, lines or glue marks...just a single smooth one-of-a-kind impossible object.


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