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The Gold Standard Review

Official Review

April 8th, 2022 3:29am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

You get a VERY high quality tie tack in a nice cloth bag. If you don’t wear a tie, this could be a shirt tack or lapel tack. You also get a DVD.


I have worked with this product for a couple years now. It is really fantastic! It is SO easy to use and it works seamlessly. The method is easy. You will need to practice just a bit for the different ways in which you can engage and disengage the gimmick, but it is not hard.

The explanation is VERY thorough. I love how he shows segments from his Magic Castle act using this prop. He explains and demonstrates every single step of the way, from how to get into it, how to perform various routines with it, and how to get out of the effect as well as resets. In his Magic Castle act, he uses this prop as an ongoing magic effect as well as for call-back comedy. He uses it for cards and bills.

The ad is honest. Once you learn how to use it and practice, you should be able to perform this without worry about being caught. It is completely angle proof. It won’t take much time to learn how to use this effectively.


Over the years of using this, the only thing that keeps coming up in my head is that I wish the tack had some sort of design on the front for two reasons: First, a simple gold tie tack is fine for use with a tie, but if you are going to use it without a tie, which I have, then it seems to lack purpose. Is it a Kiwanis pin? No. Is it a military designation? No. Does it have any meaning? Hmm.


Skill level required: 1 of 5.
Audience management skill required: 1 of 5.
Performance angles: 360 degrees
Reset time required: You can reset in front of your audience
DIY time involved in advance: zero


I really love this product and I have seen David Regal make this the centerpiece of an act.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

One thing that I have been thinking about, but just haven’t done is to print a small cardstock image of something around the size of the tie tack face, to give it more meaning or interest for use without a tie. For example, maybe a small yellow flower or bee or smiley face. It could be laminated and applied to the gimmick using double sided tape.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for The Gold Standard

Author: Regal, David
Publisher: Blue Bikes Prods - David Regal
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $75.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

What is The Gold Standard? It is an 18k gold-plated tie tack or lapel pin that does something special with great economy: a card is returned to the deck, and an instant later it is seen impaled on your tie tack. You can pull on the card, and spin it on the post. Best of all, when you remove the card from the tie tack, there is a hole in the card!

The card can be signed. The effect can be performed at any time in your act, with a deck in play. And it doesn't have to be a playing card. The Gold Standard can just as easily cause a signed bill to become impaled, or a business card - imagine handing out your card only to discover it pierced by your tie tack. When you remove the card, there's a hole running through it. You can then give that potential customer your business information with a permanent reminder of the effect he just witnessed.

This is an elegant quality prop, custom designed from the ground up, with attention to detail.

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