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The Jar US Version (DVD and Gimmicks) Review

Official Review

March 6th, 2022 12:22am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

If I could give this ten out of five stars, I would! To me, this is as good or perhaps ten times better than any other magical “box”. Why? Because it is just a jar! Of course, it’s not “just” a jar, but it looks like “just” a jar.

It is a beautiful prop and Kozmo and Garrett did a superb job going through what you can do with this. I’m not sure how long the explanation is, the DVD has a table of contents with links that cover just about every angle of what this is and how to use it. It can be used with cards, coins, sugar packets, billets, and anything else that is in the range of size of a coin and a folded playing card. They cover a wide variety of routines including multiple card and coin routines, and a really good confabulation routine.

In addition, Kozmo talks about an easy to make gimmick that could be used with even more routines.

The methods are pretty simple. I would say that the actual moves are beginner moves. Of course, you will want to practice any routine that you do.

This effect lends itself to any form of magic:
It could be used for casual magic with friends where you make a coin go from your hands to inside the jar, or a really good coins across routine.
It could be used for close up doing card, coin, billet, confabulation, or other routines.
It could also be used for parlor and even stage as the jar is very visual.

The ad copy is honest. This is not difficult to do, and actually there is SO MUCH more that you can do with this prop than what is presented in the trailer.


OK, I’m stumped. I can’t think of a single “con”. I know some reviewers like to talk about price, I tend not to, but I will in this case. Each person needs to decide if what they see in the trailer or what they intend to use the product for justifies the price and/or falls into their budget. I would say that the price is very reasonable for what you get.


This is one of the best products since sliced bread. I do like a good piece of bread, perhaps garlic toast, but for amazing magic routines, I guess this is even better than sliced bread.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

Tough one. There is so much covered on the DVD. My suggestion would be to take the time to watch two of magic’s greats, Garrett Thomas and Kozmo talk about this in great detail, soak it in, and then figure out how you might use this amazing prop. Personally, I have used this with cards and coins casually and at IBM meetings, but I am inclined to use this in some form of billet work with a “one-head” principle. In other words, you could use this device as an aid to “one-ahead”.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for The Jar US Version (DVD and Gimmicks)

Author: Kozmo; Thomas, Garrett; Tokar
Publisher: Kozmomagic Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $50.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

"The Jar is an incredibly valuable tool in a mentalist's arsenal due to its deceptively natural look that hides its true nature as a multifaceted utility item capable of accomplishing customized miracles on stage, screen or close-up."
- Paul Draper (Mentalist and Anthropologist)

"Finally a switching device that doesn't look like a magic prop. It's a wonderfully organic and practical gimmick."
- Shawn Farquhar

In the realm of switchboxes, we searched for THE most organic and practical gimmicks that could be hidden in the most effective of hiding places... in plain sight.
Introducing, The Jar, by Kozmo. The Jar is one of the most versatile and organic switchboxes ever created.

Why have a highly suspicious, magic gimmick on the table, when you can have an unassuming, plain old jar that is as diabolical as the craftiest of switch devices?

The jar and the item inside stays in sight the ENTIRE time of the performance.
COMPLETELY INSPECTABLE, The Jar's possibilities are never ending.

Rings, sugar packets, cards, coins, bills and more... are able to be switched to ANY small object.
The Jar also allows for extremely visual coin penetrations and a coins-across routine that is unlike anything around.

The Jar takes all of the dirty work out of switching, and leaves your spectators in astounded disbelief.

The Jar comes complete with: The Jar itself In-depth instructions by Scott Tokay and Garrett Thomas on DVD with three killer routines Special gimmick Customized coin (available options in US, UK, and Euro)Presentation, handling and method of confabulation routine (taught in tutorial) was created in full by Paul Romhany.

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