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ESP Review

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January 21st, 2022 1:27am
Reviewed by chipperPaul
So, for starters, here is what this trick offers: You get a DVD folder sleeve, containing an instructional DVD of course. Also included is a packet trick wallet, 5 blue-backed cards, each with a different ESP symbol on its face. There is also a Red card with the letters 'ESP' printed on its face, a Blue card with a question mark printed on its face and a black round piece of card stock with a question mark on its face (sort of like a poker chip, roughly). There are some other bits/symbols attached, hither and thither but I don't want to go too far into that; suffice it to says those bits help with the reveal.

As one might imagine, magician asks spectator to pick an ESP symbol, then magician reveals he knew all along which symbol spectator would pick. Applause! Great trick. So, the OUTSIDE of the packaging denotes, "Wayne [Dobson] has always been fascinated with 'out' effects. The are very direct and straight to the point. etc. etc. etc." So, I am perfectly comfortable indicating this is a multiple out trick. There is, largely nothing bad or broken with this trick or the instructions. The DVD is totally fine and is professionally produced. Performer and spectator seemed a bit crammed together in the performance, but that is just a personal niggle on my part. The cards and the wallet and the little black chip etc. etc. are visible and laid out in an orderly, clean fashion early on and notably, when spectator makes the selection, they can change their mind.....performer is very clear about this, as it helps to sell the effect.

Is this the greatest piece of mentalism ever devised? No, it is not. I remember in most of the 80's......every third trick marketed had in its description, "No sleight of hand required." I could preach a 6-hour sermon about that trend, but I will spare the reader. This is a ROCK SOLID No sleights required trick, for sure. I guess that might be a good thing. This is a super duper "Second trick I ever bought"-trick. It's small and plays moderately large. Thing is, see: it just isn't terribly entertaining. Now, can you talk it up for improvement? Sure you can!! It is a 100% not horrible trick...I promise! In the right hands, performing for a small cluster of people who've been properly warmed might land OK. I'm going to give this 3.5 wands out of 5, solid! It's clean, small and easy to carry. You can learn it in less than 30 minutes easy-peazy.....without trying hard. Will it be a reputation maker? Mmmmmmmmmm--I doubt it. If you find it for a few it! Just don't expect to make it the centerpiece of your 50-minute cruise ship show!

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Author: Wayne Dobson
Publisher: Merlins
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $19.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Wayne has always been fascinated with 'out' effects. They are very direct and straight to the point. This effect was created due to an obsession of his, to get five very convincing 'outs' from five ESP symbols.
He has performed the effect on countless occasions, and it never fails to obtain an incredible reaction

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