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Tricky Bottles Review

July 7th, 2021 11:57am
Reviewed by chipperPaul
Technically, the packaging for my item lists the name as "Trick Bottles", go figure, but: this is Magic Makers treatment of Passe Passe bottles. First: this is a trick that I've never been madly in love with. I have seen a version where 2 magicians perform it and one of them is kind of foiling the magician who is in charge......kinda clever, but not Earth-cracking by any measure.
Anyway.....I own the standard size and this set. This set could really be called a 'miniature' version, but.....y'know. Because I kind of like the packaging and the instructions are relatively solid, it gets 1 star. The two HUGE negatives are this: putting ones finger inside the gimmicked bottle is PARAMOUNT to this trick's success......which is sad, considering just how TINY the opening is for the gimmicked bottle. Also the 'other' part of gimmick is so large, the label rubs up against the outer tube, making the critical gimmick look ugly. The gimmick looking 'normal' is a very important thing here. Structurally, the thing is solid, making the spectator's tube/bottle pretty good, so it gets one-half star for that. But: those are all the stars I can give. The design creates a serious flaw, making it tough for anyone with hands larger than a 3 year-old's to perform this trick. In plain language: pass on this one and just buy a few decks of cards instead.

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You show two bottles and two covers. A spectator uses one of the bottle-cover sets and you use the other. Both covers are shown empty and placed over the bottles. Now, the spectator must do exactly what you do. Tip the bottles back and forth, then forth and back. Now lift the covers. Your bottle is exactly right side up. But, his is upside down. How can that be? Try it again. Again, he does exactly what you do. And, again, his is upside down and yours is rightside up. As a climax, your bottle instantly turns over to match his. Comes complete with real glass bottles, covers, and routine.

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