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Legend of the Five Mystic Rings, The Review

January 3rd, 2020 3:28am
Reviewed by Tom Interval
The Legend of the Five Mystic Rings is Tom Frank's version of Jack Miller's five-ring routine mindfully performed to a beautifully written, Edgar Allan Poe-inspired poem. This is one of Tom's routines that has put food on his table for decades, and he teaches the moves and theory with clarity and passion. The DVD is well thought out, professionally produced, and includes footage of Tom performing the routine for a live audience.

The instruction here is pretty straightforward, but I recommend supplementing it by reading Jack Miller’s Linking Ring Routine, by Bob Novak. It’s a 32-page, profusely photo-illustrated pamphlet you can find used online for under ten bucks. Before watching this DVD, having basic working knowledge of magic and its terminology would be helpful, if not required. The DVD is well worth the price.

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Author: Tom Frank
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The Legend of the Five Mystic Rings is a drastically different linking ring routine. This instructional DVD, complete with poetic patter, transforms the standard linking ring routine and elevates it to a performance piece of art. Tom Frank has performed this routine for over 20 years. His award-winning interpretation has played across the country and around the globe. His initimate knowledge and experience with the Jack Miller routine give him the expertise to teach an otherwise unlearnable routine. The original text was cryptic with dark and vague pictures. This is the first time ever that this routine has seen the light of day in an instructional program designed for maximum clarity of content.

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