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January 3rd, 2020 3:29am
Reviewed by DonB!
First, let me say that Anton James is a really nice guy, and this review is not meant to reflect on him as a person. It is a review on a specific product, The ProBoard.

I like knowing "deviously simple switching" methods, so I was intrigued when I saw this released. However, I wasn't ready to pay $29.95 for it, not knowing what it really was.

So, in a recent magic sale, I purchased this for $20.00. I am totally disappointed in it.

Let me say, it is just a piece of board. No mechanisms, no gimmicks, no ANYTHING. Just a board. When I opened it, I thought for sure something must be missing, or had fallen out. However, upon watching the teaching portion of the download video, I realized that nothing was missing; it was just a board, and a couple of ideas. That's it. And I was still sad that I had paid $20.00 for it.

I contacted Anton, and he was very helpful, even to the point of offering me a refund in the amount I paid, so that really showed me his integrity regarding customer service. I chose not to take the refund, because I totally understand that when it comes to magic props and supplies, each person finds value in different things, in different ways. This board was valuable to Anton in his work, and how he used it. I just felt that selling a flat piece of board (similar, but stronger than foam core board) and a couple of ideas should not have been sold as a magic prop. It should have been sold as an idea on a DVD, or in a book.

All said and done, I have thrown the board away, because I do not need another unused prop taking up space in my home or office. If I ever did decide that I could use something like this, I'll stop at the local craft store and pick up a piece of board, or cut a square out of cardboard, and get the same usage from it.

Finally, the quote/endorsement from Cody Fisher, that says, "Worth the price of my flight here!" is very misleading. It seems to indicate that ingeniousness of this prop is unrecognized in its potential. In reality, I think it helped Cody replace another piece in his show, but that's it. Nothing ingenious about paying $29.99 for a piece of board.

Product info for PRO BOARD

Author: James, Anton
Publisher: The Magic Estate
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The ProBoard is a deviously simple switching board that is a breeze to use.

The ProBoard is the PERFECT switching pad that allows you to write down a word, image, number, prediction or anything else you want on a piece of paper and impossibly change it or secretly switch it! Comes with ONLINE TRAINING VIDEO and tips on how to get the most of your ProBoard. Exclusive Brainstorm Session with ideas for your ProBoard. Super durable and long lasting material. A utility that is only limited by your imagination.

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