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Si-Fi Project Review

February 18th, 2022 7:28am
Reviewed by Willie Yee
Although this works as advertised and reviewed, an important thing is left out. It involves working with some very difficult to work with stuff (you can guess) to make the gimmick. And then it breaks or gets tangled into uselessness very easily. If you are comfortable working with this stuff, go for it. Otherwise expect to deal with a difficult learning curve.

Product info for Si-Fi Project

Author: Liu, Xiang
Publisher: The Daily Deception
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $29.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

"This is one of the most visual and impossible sets of levitations I've ever seen. Very natural."
-Eric Jones

Xiang Liu is an innovative thinker. Adapting his ideas to create the magic he wants to use. Si-Fi project is a small collections of this thoughts on a subject largely untouched by magicians. Using this simple idea he's created 4 visually sunning and easy to do effects. No difficult setups, nothing to stick to anything and most importantly start clean and end clean! We're sure that after you learn the effects Liu teaches you, that you will go on and develop your own amazing ideas, and we'd love to see them.

List of effects

Super Conductor :
A borrowed ring floats as your hands revolve around the floating ring then it suddenly drops to your hand and stops in mid air, only to slowly land on your palm. Then as you go to grab the ring it floats up to your fingers and you immediately return the ring.

I Do: A borrowed ring floats in mid air as your hands circle around it and then floats on to your finger

Freefloat: A borrowed ring floats between your fingers and you can immediately hand out the ring.

It's Cute: A borrowed ring is place on the palm of your hand and with a few wiggles of your finger on your other hand jumps to land on your ring finger. Shocking to see happen.

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