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Dean's Box Review

July 13th, 2018 5:43pm
Reviewed by Vincent
I have been researching everything written about this effect. I know how it's done but do not own it. Here is the deal. Pros: well made and very nice looking. great effect if performed correctly. Instant reset. Angles seem good. Easy to perform. Adding music or a story can elevate this to a great theatrical piece of magic.
Cons. Extremely expensive for a three-phase rope and ring trick. The delicate box could be scratched or damaged unless careful. The box is hard to see inside from stage or large audiences. This is no good for strolling. Suitable for Parlour or home Parties.
It all comes down to this. Will you get good use out of this? I do not buy anything that I cannot use. However, I think the prop and routine are great.

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Author: Dill, Dean
Average Rating:  (7)
Retail Price: $255.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Every now and then an effect comes along that is powerful enough to amaze any audience, yet diabolical enough to fool even the most knowledgeable magicians. Dean's Box is just such an effect. The routine uses what appears to be the most innocent of props. A beautifully crafted wooden box and two lengths of rope One red and one white. Again and again, the ropes defy the laws of physics as solid passes through solid. Each step is more amazing than the last.

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