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Handout Hank Review

February 11th, 2018 3:44am
Reviewed by James Wood
1. Handout Hank is a quick, humorous and magical effect. Quentin Reynolds' "5 Minutes with a Pocket Handkerchief" is one of my go-to tricks. I'm going to incorporate Handout Hank into the beginning of that routine.

2. Handout Hank is practical for walk-around, parlor or stage. Works for children or adults, but the patter will have to be changed depending on the audience. No angle problems, instantly resets. It does require a long-sleeved shirt or jacket. The shirt sleeves can be rolled up a bit, if you like to perform that way.

3. There's a gimmick. It's practical to use, requires no pocket space, and won't get in your way when you're performing other tricks. It's an interesting variation on a gimmick that every magician's familiar with. I had never seen this variation before. Puck gives a little history about it, with acknowledgement to the magician who showed it to him.

4. You have to construct the gimmick, but it's quick to make and requires minimal skill. The materials for the gimmick will cost maybe $5 at an office supply store. As it happens, I already have all the materials in my house.

5. The instructional video is short (15 minutes) and very well taught. Puck is an excellent teacher, very clear and well organized. He walks you through every step of the performance and the construction of the gimmick.

6. The price is very reasonable, considering that this is a highly polished professional routine, with excellent instruction from a leading magician.

7. If you like the effect as shown in the demo, I recommend this trick highly.

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Author: Puck
Publisher: Penguin
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Handout Hank by Puck (Instant Download)
Close Up
Examinable Dancing Handkerchief

Imagine taking a silk handkerchief and tying a knot in it to demonstrate the power of hypnosis. Under your complete control, it bends to your will. Now, with a snap of your fingers, it comes to life... wiggling and dancing around to the amazement of all. Then, with another snap it stops moving and goes stiff. You untie the knot and immediately hand it out for examination. A charming and fun piece of magic that everyone will enjoy!

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