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Handout Hank Review

February 11th, 2018 3:44am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Finally, someone came up with a way to perform this illusion with a silk that can be examined-and used for additional effects. Is Puck the only one? Well, if he isn't, I've missed such an other version. I watched the demo on this 2, 3 times. Handling seemed natural, clean-even though I narrowed down M.O. to one possibilty. A lay person probably won't, or can't. Puck is quite thorough in explaining this-and anyone would need to spend less than ten $ making the gimmick. Add a few more $ for a silk if needed. As often is the case in magic-successful magic-details are all critical. 3 to bear in mind here, are:
Precise gimmick placement-making sure the gimmick/accessory that you buy at the office supply store is silent as possible OR can be made more silent as needed-and, smooth engagement/ release of the gimmick. Not angle proof, but one is not hostage to full frontal audience placement either. Puck makes the thing look easy, and mirror practice here is neccessary I think. No overbearing work for a classic magical effect that leaves your hands and silk CLEAN! (It's about time this came out!)

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Author: Puck
Publisher: Penguin
Average Rating:  (2)
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Handout Hank by Puck (Instant Download)
Close Up
Examinable Dancing Handkerchief

Imagine taking a silk handkerchief and tying a knot in it to demonstrate the power of hypnosis. Under your complete control, it bends to your will. Now, with a snap of your fingers, it comes to life... wiggling and dancing around to the amazement of all. Then, with another snap it stops moving and goes stiff. You untie the knot and immediately hand it out for examination. A charming and fun piece of magic that everyone will enjoy!

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