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Deflect Review

March 1st, 2022 10:56pm
Reviewed by Jake Lundgren
First off, this is a really neat effect. It is a self contained way to make writing and drawings appear, change or disappear on the side of the card box. The gimmick will not interfere with the cards, so you can have it ready to go anytime during your set. And most importantly, this gets a great reaction from the audience. Watch the trailer, it really does look that good live and in person.
While I do love the effect, for me the trick is lacking as a whole. First off, I find it a bit awkward to have to write on the side of the box, it would seem so much more natural to write it on the back. Speaking of the box, this trick is designed to be done with the old-style bicycle boxes. (he does include an old box with the DVD though, which I thought was a nice touch.) Plus, it is taught on the DVD how to edit a new box so that it will work. It's just gonna take some arts and crafts. Lastly, my biggest problem with DEFLECT is how fragile the gimmick is. I tried adding this to my set for a little bit, but I discovered that just carrying it around in your pocket can damage the gimmick quite easily. This was the largest "turn off" for me because, while making the gimmick is not difficult, it's not worth making it before every show.

The DVD is fairly short and utilizes subtitles, no speaking. Included is 10 gimmicks, and an old style card box.

Overall, I enjoy the effect, but I believe is impractical for real world situations, however a perfect illusion for a show real or an online video.

Product info for Deflect

Author: Skulkor
Publisher: Skulkor
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Deflect is portable, self-contained on the case and doesn't affect your everyday card use. The performer draws something on cello of the playing card case. And before the spectators' eyes. the writing changes and when they think the miracle is over, the writing changes back! The performer will erase the writing with his finger to show it's completely clean. The spectator can even touch the cello! On top of that the writing or marking is fully customizable and it's also able to be INSTANTLY RESET after each performance.

Deflect is always ready to go whenever you want it, It is a MUST HAVE for your deck of playing cards.
  • Visual Magic
  • Fully Customizable
  • Revelation Created In front of spectator, changed, and wiped away right after

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