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Priceless (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Review

Official Review

March 7th, 2017 4:43am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Priceless is a great trick that is reasonably priced and delivers strong commercial magic for stage or close up environments. You ask your spectator how much they think you paid for your jacket. They guess any price. You either turn around to reveal a security tag in the middle of the jacket on your back or take your jacket off to see a security tag on the inside with a price tag. The guessed price ends up being the price that is written on the security device price tag. It is a great comedy piece as well as mentalism routine.

With Priceless you get the Priceless security device gimmick with two different price tags. You select either price tag to affix to the security device. The instructions are streaming only (not downloadable) and last an hour and twenty one minutes. The instructions contain live performances by Michel Huot and Richard Sanders, different handlings for various situations and cover everything you need to know. Quite frankly, I performed this without watching the instructions first because it was clear what I needed to do and I was used to the method from other tricks where you find a spectator’s ring on your key chain. The quality of the video is fine and the teaching is excellent.

The trick, as alluded to above, is very easy to learn and very easy to perform. Depending on how you perform this trick, there are some angles to be concerned about. I think the most impressive handling is the one where the security device is square in the middle of your back. For that version, you cannot have anyone behind you or on your sides. That is better for a stage performance. For the version where the price tag/security device is inside your jacket, your angles are much better although you still need to be a bit careful where your spectators are standing.

There can be a noise issue that may raise an eyebrow in a quiet strolling situation, but that is addressed in the instructional video. Sanders teaches you a way to somewhat silence the gimmick’s snapping noise if that is an issue for you. For me, it is not because you can talk over it and most background noise will camouflage it well enough.

The reset only takes a few second and a confident performer can do it in front of the spectator. Every time you do the trick the price is freely chosen by the spectator. You will not repeat the trick however in front of the same group so you can reset as you walk to the next group.

The ad copy and the promo video are accurate and if you like what you see, get it.

This trick is fantastic. It is fun to perform. It is funny and impressive.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Priceless (Gimmick and Online Instructions)

Author: Sanders, Riichard; Huot, Michel
Publisher: Richard Sanders
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $59.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

ANY PRICE NAMED is instantly seen HANGING ON A PRICE TAG... anywhere on your clothing!

From the minds of Michel Huot and Richard Sanders comes a comedy mentalism breakthrough.

Walk up to anyone...
"How much do you think I paid for my jacket?"
They name ANY PRICE, example "$84.25" (which you jot down on a notepad)
Immediately, you look up and say, "I didn't pay $84.25 for my jacket"
"In fact, I didn't pay anything for it... I just took it!"
Instantly, you remove your jacket, REVEALING A SECURITY TAG with a price tag hanging from it. (This is a very funny moment!)
As the laughter subsides... they notice the price on the price tag... miraculously, it's $84.25!

Priceless is an organic, impossible prediction built into a comedy prop, a security tag.
This can be played for laughs or as a serious mentalism piece.

Any numbers named instantly appears on a price tag hanging from ANY PART OF YOUR CLOTHING.
- Inside your jacket
- On your back
- On the back of your shirt (with your jacket over it)
- Under the collar of your jacket
- and more...

Priceless comes with:
- 1 Custom designed security tag gimmick
- 2 different plastic, dry/wet erase price tags (that will last a lifetime)
- 1 wet erase marker
- A 90 minute video tutorial guiding you though every nuance of this amazing effect
- Plus LIVE PERFORMANCES both ON STAGE at a comedy club and CLOSE-UP in various venues

- Close-up or stage
- Easy to do
- Self contained gimmick
- 3 SECOND RESET for close-up workers
- Simple set-up
- Just clip it anywhere and go


"I want to be the only one using this!"
- David Stone

"I just found my new opener!"
- Andi Gladwin

"The best, most practical solution to the legendary "prediction on back:" effect that I've ever seen!"
- Marc Desouza

"This precision-made prop turns an old gag into an astonishing piece of mentalism!"
- Joshua Jay

"When I saw it I just knew it was going into my show!"
- Eric Leclerc

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