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Praemovo (DVD and Gimmick Material) Review

Official Review

July 25th, 2020 2:07am
Reviewed by James Sanden
The magic world has seen a number of ways and approaches to animating a drawing, from Martin Lewis’ seminal “Cardiographic” to Dan Harlan’s classic “Card-toon.” Alan Rorrison has created an interesting close up version of this plot with “Praemovo,” an approach to animating a drawing on the back of a cell phone.

In “Praemovo” an image drawn on the back of a cell phone is made to animate. The performer then erases a part of the changed drawing, before handing out the cell phone for examination, at which point the audience can erase the rest of the image. While there are a few limitations, there is a lot of leeway in the type of drawing one can use. Keep in mind, however, that whatever image is used, the direction of movement is always towards the top of the drawing. Also, because the image is drawn in black, a lighter colored phone is required. However, the phone is not gimmicked, so if a spectator’s phone is an appropriate color, it’s possible to use theirs. In fact, while it’s not mentioned on the DVD, any lighter colored object roughly the size and shape of a cell phone could be used as the canvas for the drawing.

Supplies to make the gimmick (minus a sharpie and a dry erase marker) are included, with construction being simple and straightforward, taking just a few minutes. The instructions for making the gimmick, as well as for the routine’s performance, are clear and easy to understand. Once complete and set up, the performer can move freely and perform other magic before moving into “Praemovo,” making it essentially impromptu. The handling is clever, fairly easy to execute, and resets almost immediately, making the routine itself quite practical, though there are some lighting limitations to keep in mind, as the effect should be performed in subdued or indirect light.

“Praemovo” is a clever, practical and effective method for animating an image drawn on the back of an ungimmicked cell phone. The handling is essentially impromptu and immediately resets, making it a very practical piece of magic (so long as the lighting isn’t too direct.) If you like the effect as seen on the trailer, you’ll enjoy performing “Praemovo.”

Suggestions from the Reviewer

One of the suggested presentations (for the animation of a kite) is to start with a mind reading effect, asking the spectator to think of a childhood activity, the performer then drawing a prediction of what the spectator is thinking on the back of the phone. If it’s a hit, great! If not, the producers say, just move into the animation. Whatever you do, please do NOT use this presentation. More than likely the effect will begin with a failure, which is a terrible way to begin, and even if it hits, an animation is a strange way to follow mentalism. The other suggested presentation, that you are customizing your phone, is better, though still weak. While this is clearly a “street magic” effect and is being marketed to the casual performer, even an amateur can take the time to think of something interesting to say as a lead in to the routine. Don’t think of what you say when you perform as simply a way to fill time until the magic happens. Give it some thought and it can dramatically enhance your magic.

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Product info for Praemovo (DVD and Gimmick Material)

Author: Rorrison, Alan
Publisher: SansMinds Productionz
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

What would you do if you could create a few frames of simple animations on the back of a phone? No fancy technology, just you and a marker.

You can make the magic happen with Praemovo.

Alan Rorrison has created a moving ink effect that allows you to create a short animation for a brief moment. It is an extreme, cute and magical effect for all ages.

Everything is included and the effect is 100% customizable to any drawing you like.

Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.

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