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Dry (Japanese High Tech Marker Trick) Review

Official Review

June 21st, 2017 9:52pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

You get a special gimmicked double sided marker, a small bottle of ink refill, written instructions, and a link to video instruction.

It doesn’t come with the batteries you will need.

In the effect, your participant tries to write and the pen ink is dry. You open the pen, remove the battery, replace it, and the pen writes.


I’m not reviewing this on the basis of how strong the magic is. You will need to determine how to best use this. I personally think it is a great gag moment as part of routine and another magic effect.

The quality of the prop is superb.

The method is very simple. All you do is open the cap, hand the pen to a participant to write. They find it is dry. You take back the pen and try the other side. It is also dry. You then unscrew the pen, remove a battery, replace the battery and the pen writes. Hand the pen to the participant to sign a card or whatever else.

The effect is completely angle free. You can perform completely surrounded.

The ad is fair and accurate. What you see is what you get.


I really like everything about this. I see it as a “gag” effect that could be part of another routine, such as an ambitious card routine or something else that requires the participant to write something.


The skill level required: 1 of 5.
Audience management skill required: 1 of 5.
Performance angles: 360 degrees
The reset time required: None
The DIY time involved in advance: None


This is a great “gag” mini effect that could be a perfect companion to any number of routines that require a participant to sign their name, draw, or write something.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Dry (Japanese High Tech Marker Trick)

Author: Kreis
Publisher: Kreis Corporation
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Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Magician has a marker pen. A spectator is asked to draw something using the Chisel tip, but cannot draw anything because the tip has dried out. Magician tries to draw something using the Bullet tip, but only finds out that the Bullet tip has also dried out. Strangely enough, magician says, "The both tips are not usable. That means, the battery has run out." Inside the marker pen, there sure is a battery. The magician replaces the old battery with a new battery.After that, both of the Chisel and Bullet tips become usable. Great joke for Ambitious Card routines.

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