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Move Zero (Vol 2) Review

Official Review

January 20th, 2017 11:44pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Move Zero Volume 2 by John Bannon and Big Blind Media is a must have DVD. It is a 10 trick project that is as strong as Volume 1 and has me itching for Volume 3. Most of the tricks can be done with a borrowed and shuffled deck, but there is some setup required in a couple of the tricks.

Each of the 10 tricks are performed by Bannon to an audience of 1 or 2 people. The production value, camera angles, cinematography, editing and presentation of everything on this DVD is the highest level possible. The DVD menu is laid out in a user friendly way to make marathon watching easy. There is a ton of material here and you will love it all!

Bannon performs a trick to a lay person in one place and then in the next track, the explanation, he immediately explains it to a magician, which is set in another location. Throughout the DVD there are snippets of interviews with Bannon and “Trickbag” sections in which Bannon focuses on various moves that are relevant to the tricks on the DVD and also to your card magic in general. Just like in Volume 1, the interviews with Bannon are very interesting and reveals his philosophy about sharing his creations and how he creates.

Some of the Trickbag sections teach the Down under Deal, the Ose False Cut (which is focused on in Volume 1 as well), the amazing Gilbreath principle, the probability cull, keycards and crimps and other bits and pieces of the tricks presented. Although there is a heavy focus on the Balducci deeper cut force, which I do not love, you can easily substitute this force for one of many. It seems a bit overused in certain portions of the DVD and in others it fits perfectly.

Bannon’s inspiration draws from methods, thoughts and prior tricks from many magicians. After each explanation he has a “Credits” section which thoroughly reviews the history of the parts of each presentation.

Pedal to the Medal is one of my favorites presented on this DVD. It is a two phase trick that really blows people away. When you get this project, jump right to this trick. If you are not familiar with the probability cull, you will love the power of this Alan Ackerman creation. Then, skip to Dead Reckoning for a trick with a plot that is virtually impossible to reconstruct and guaranteed to blow you spectator’s minds… and also your own. In reaction to this trick, Bannon’s spectator said “I can’t cope with that” and you will find that your spectator’s have the same reaction. The only issue I have with this trick is that you need to have a half deck setup which is a bit cumbersome to get into and Bannon does not provide a list of the cards needed to get ready. AK47 is also a very strong impromptu trick that doesn’t always hit dead center, but with some performance skills or “tap dancing” you can really impress.

Do not wait until the end to get to Bannon Triumph (trick #9) which is a very strong and easy to perform triumph effect that requires a touch of a setup. This may be my favorite trick on the DVD because it is so simple and so powerful. Bannon revealed that this is one of the first tricks he created.

The over-the-top ad copy is accurate and the project is worthy of the praise. The promotional videos are just Bannon’s performances of the tricks so there is nothing misleading or suspect there.

Bannon and Big Blind Media has outdone themselves, again!

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Product info for Move Zero (Vol 2)

Author: Bannon, John
Publisher: Big Blind Media
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

"I knew Move Zero would be good, but truly it's one of the best things I've seen in years!"
- Iain Moran

John Bannon's Move Zero is undoubtedly the most exciting study of self-working card magic this century.

On Volume 2 you will find ten eye-poppingly powerful routines, none of which require a single move. There are no sleights. Zero. No gaff cards. No gimmicks. No marked decks. Nothing but you, an ordinary deck of cards and a shell-shocked audience. Most of the routines are even impromptu, meaning that you can perform them after being handed a deck and asked the age old question 'can you show us something?'.

However, Move Zero Volume 2 won't just teach you awesome tricks. You'll also get an invaluable front row seat at the explanations for each routine. Hugely in-depth, these mini-lectures expose John Bannon's remarkable thinking and crucially explore not just the 'how' of a trick, but the 'why'! As card shark John Carey said:

"A lot of self-working material is too procedural with no rhyme nor reason. Bannon has the uncanny knack of wrapping simple but meaningful presentations around his work and you will see this time and again in Move Zero."

And on top of that, you'll also learn seven indispensable techniques that can be added to other tricks and routines. These 'trickbag' skills will empower you to enhance and develop every card trick you ever do in the future. With these tools in your armory, you'll be able to turbo-charge ALL your performances.

Forget everything you think you know about self-working card magic. It's time to plug into MOVE ZERO.

MOVE ZERO VOLUME 2 51 Fat Chances Trickbag - Down Under Deal Trickbag - Jay Ose False Cut Leverage Tiny Contrary Killer Pedal to the Metal Trickbag - Probability Cull Matchismo Trickbag - Gilbreath Principle Chronic Trickbag - Keycards and Crimps Dead Reckoning Trickbag - Stacking the Deck AK47 Bannon Triumph Free Willy Trickbag - Remote RosettaPRAISE FOR MOVE ZERO:

"This DVD is EXCELLENT! It gets the highest marks!! You should get it!!!"
- Stuart Philip, My Lovely Assistant

"There is so much we can learn from John's experiences."
- John Teo, Ning Thing

"A master course in method and self-working magic!"
- Jeff Stone, Magic Reviewed

"There is something that everyone can learn on this..."
- Magician's Choice, Reviewer

"This is an exceptional masterpiece sure to become a crowd favorite and instant classic."
- Magic Orthodoxy, Reviewer

"This is definitely a keeper. I made the mistake or watching it through the first time without a deck of cards in hand. Please learn from my mistake. There is a wealth of easy to do magic on this disk."
- The Magic Portal, Reviewer

"One of the best and most enjoyable DVDs I've seen in a very long time."
- Magic Junkies

"This is one of the best magic teaching DVDs I've seen."
- Paul Hallas

"I knew it would be good, but truly it's one of the best things I've seen in years!"
- Iain Moran

"A generous insight into a devious mind. Clever, confounding card magic."
- R Paul Wilson

"The greatest collection of self-working card tricks ever released. Period."
- Cameron Francis

"A delight to watch, learn and study from. Every effect is so well layered and structured and you will not only learn the 'how's' but the all important 'whys'."
- John Carey

"It's a Bannon DVD so... just BUY IT!"
- Dave Forrest

"Where others stop digging, Bannon continues, and he comes up with diamonds."
- David Regal

"This will lead you to rethink what 'self-working' really means."
- Lance Pierce

"Rich with wonderful thinking and top-notch routines that are EASY to do."
- Peter Duffie

"John Bannon always inspires me - great DVDs - minimum effort, maximum impact - this is the stuff I like!"
- Wayne Dobson

"Man, the first trick 'Collusion' is worth the price of admission alone."
- Alan Rorrison

"As usual, Bannon knocks it out of the park."
- Caleb Wiles

"Great job on the production and the material is excellent. I give this release my highest recommendation!"
- Daryl

"John truly understands why self-working card magic can pack such a powerful punch and he shares those secrets here."
- Tim Trono

"This is a GREAT DVD which you must buy!"
- Bicycle Cards

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