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Telekinetic Review

Official Review

January 11th, 2017 5:59am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Telekinetic is a Diamond Jim Tyler and Vanishing Inc. product in which the performer takes a box of cards out of his pocket, removes the deck and then the spectators watch as the box slides down the performer’s hand and twirls. The box, if positioned by the performer in the right way, can then stand up and the flap will open. In some circumstances, a chosen card will pop out of the box.

Telekinetic comes with a 24 minute DVD and the materials needed to create the gimmick required to do this routine. If you are not new to magic you most likely have a strong idea of what the materials are.

The DVD production quality is excellent and so is the teaching by Tyler. He teaches various routines, including routines with a card box, the acrobatic matchbook with a matchbook, with a pack of cigarettes and also a haunted pack routine.

The arts and crafts work required to create the gimmick takes about 2 minutes and is easy stuff. While the execution of this trick is easy, you will want to practice so it is as good as it can get. It will require some testing on how to hold the box to get it to move just the way you want it. Although you can perform this trick surrounded, you may want to have some distance between you and the spectators. The type and quality of the lighting in the room is something you need to be aware of before performing and in deciding if you will perform in that setting.

The promotional video is accurate and the ad copy claims “Without moving the fingers at all, the box slides, turns, stands on end, and then opens.” This is true, but the aforementioned actions do not all happen without the box being handled and manipulated by the performer.

At the end of the routine, the box (or matchbook or pack) can be examined and handed out.

This is a fun trick to perform and once the gimmick is made you can surprise people will a seemingly impromptu miracle.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Telekinetic

Author: Tyler, Diamond Jim
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A card box comes to life in this sensational new take on a classic plot. After removing the cards from the box, the magician causes the card box to spin, stand up, rise, and open, without moving his fingers. Cause your card box to twist, rise, and animate at will. Cause a selected card to spring from the card box. Animate a matchbox to stand on end. Make a cigarette pack move around on your palm and turn over.What you'll see is the most natural of props--the card box--as it comes to life on the magician's outstretched palm. Without moving the fingers at all, the box slides, turns, stands on end, and then opens. As with everything we release, WE GUARANTEE THAT WHAT YOU SEE IN THE TRAILER IS EXACTLY HOW IT LOOKS IN REAL LIFE.

There is an epidemic of deceptive trailers in the magic industry. We hope you appreciate that every effect we produce lives up to its representation online. "Telekinetic" is truly wonderful. Here's why: before or after your favorite card trick, you have a card box naturally in your pocket or on the table, and this effect is therefore MOTIVATED in your show. It is the perfect ending or encore piece--just a tiny touch of visual before you end your performance. And as you can see in the trailer, it freaks people out.

The gimmick is durable, the handling is easy, and you'll be performing it within minutes.

Includes DVD and gimmicks. Running time: approximately 30 minutes

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