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21st Century Zener Super Deck Review

December 14th, 2016 3:13am
Reviewed by DonB!
First, as a collector of ESP and Zener/Mentalism decks, I kept my eye on this one for a while. Finally I purchased it. Well...

1) Ad copy is not entirely true. You get two different decks of cards, but neither is worthy of the money paid. By reading the material in the included booklet, why anyone would suggest Harvey Raft become "the foremost Zener Card specialist on the planet" is beyond me. And how the ad copy can promise that it "will absolutely blow your mind" is hyperbole. There is nothing in these cards that gives me mind-blowing ideas to work into my performing any all.

2) The cards have a very basic way of marking on the back side, but one that would easily be caught under performing conditions. The marks are pretty blatant.

As for the designs on the cards, they are based off of Zener symbols (circle, cross, lines, square, star), and they have multiple symbols on each card. Some have as few as 4 symbols, some have as many as 9 symbols. Nothing earth shattering, just different.

As for the advertised "Show Stopper Effects", they're not at all. Each routine starts with something like this: As the person their birthday. Add the digits to get a random number. Using that number, deal down cards from the deck and place one face down on their hand. Now proceed to tell them what symbols are on the card.

Each routine has a different way of getting a random number from the volunteer, but the reveal of the card is exactly the same in every routine taught: "Now reveal the symbols on their randomly chosen card". Repetitive and boring.

As for quality of the 2 decks of cards, they are poor. Not card stock, but not as thin as paper. Obviously stamped out of a machine that leaves a lot of edging crap on the cards, and they don't fan or push off well at all. It is too easy to lift 2 cards when only trying to lift one.

Lastly, These retail for $60.00. I found mine via a dealer's sale for $25.00. I still don't feel they are worth it. Cards not quality. Instructions not "mind-blowing" nor "unique". This one Harvey Raft item immediately makes me leery to purchase any other Raft items until I see better quality in the products and instructions.

This one will go into a drawer with a few other Zener decks that were not up to par.

Final thoughts: save your money.

Product info for 21st Century Zener Super Deck

Author: Raft, Harvey
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $59.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Rick Carruth of the Magic Road Show suggested to Harvey Raft that he assume the position of the foremost Zener Card specialist on the planet. When you open the 21stCentury Zener Super Deck effects it becomes apparent as to the reasons why. You will first discover two entirely different sets of Zener Cards with many effects in a 32 page book that will absolutely blow your mind.

All the effects which can be used for stage, close-up or parlor are definitely show stoppers. All are not difficult to perform and you will love the audience reactions you receive when performing these gems!

  • Show Stopper Effects!
  • No Sleight of Hand!
  • Mind Blowing!
  • Unique!
  • Easy to Perform!
  • No Memory Work!
  • Great Audience Reaction!Reasonably Priced!

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