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Burn Notice (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Review

Official Review

January 13th, 2017 12:13am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

You get a gimmicked matchbox in a very nice box, extra material to fix your gimmick or make your own additional gimmick, and download instruction.


The gimmick is clever. It is well made, and should last a fairly long time. It won’t last forever, but you can repair or replace it yourself. It comes ready to perform, so there isn’t any DIY required.

The method is pretty good. There are a lot of card to impossible location effects on the market, and even some really good card to matchbox effects. What makes this different is that with most card to box effects, you are dumping the card from the box into your hand. With this one, you can dump the card from the box into your hand, or you can appear to just grab the card right from the box. The gimmick is clever.

The effect can be performed surrounded. There is really no bad angle, depending upon how you perform this.

The ad is fair and honest. If you like the trailer, then you will like this product. You will need to practice this to make it look magical, no different than most any magic.


I really don’t see any big negatives with this. There are so many card to impossible location effects, and there are a few other really good card to matchbox effects. They all have their positives and negatives. I would say that the downside to this compared to some other card to matchbox effects is this isn’t an instant reset. It resets very easily and very quickly, but you can’t reset in front of the audience. You will need around five seconds away from your audience to reset. On the other hand, with this one you can literally grab the card that is in the box and appear to take it right out and hand it to them as they see that the matchbox is empty and your hands are otherwise empty.

You should also know that the matchbox is not examinable. Some magicians say they won’t perform anything where they don’t end clean. If that is the case, read the “Suggestions” section for an idea to end clean. They teach you how to make your own gimmick, or just how to use a different matchbox exterior with the gimmick provided. This becomes very useful if you want to end clean by switching the gimmicked matchbox with an un-gimmicked matchbox.


Skill level required: 2 of 5. You will need to practice, but the gimmick is really designed well and not difficult to use.
Audience management skill required: 2 of 5.
Performance angles: 360 degrees
Reset time required: Five seconds, away from your audience.
DIY time involved in advance: None


This is a really nice card to impossible location effect where a selected card goes to a matchbox. What I really like about this one is you don’t have to “dump” the card into your hand. You can literally reach into the box, grab the folded card, hand them their selected card, and show the matchbox and your hands otherwise empty.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

You can’t hand out the matchbox for examination. Many magicians, including some top level magicians never perform an effect unless they end clean. Not a bad rule. So, to end clean with this, you will need to switch the matchbox for an un-gimmicked one. You will need a reason to go into your pocket for something. Here are a couple ideas:

1. Impromptu Idea.

If you have nothing else with you but a deck of cards and this effect (plus a matching un-gimmicked matchbox), when you perform this effect, place the deck of cards into a pocket where you have a duplicate, but un-gimmicked matchbox. At the end of the routine, go into your pocket with the matchbox in hand. If someone asks to see the matchbox before you go into your pocket, as you go into your pocket, you say: “Hold on, let me show you one more thing with the matchbox and then you can take a look at it.” In your pocket, grab the cards and the un-gimmicked matchbox and leave the gimmicked matchbox.

Have them pick a card and return it to the deck. Control the card to the top. You could do this by cutting the deck and having them place their card in the middle. Dribble the cards on top of their selected card, but dribble them slightly in-jogged so the card above their card sticks out just a bit. Grab the cards at the injogged card and separate the two halves. Riffle shuffle the cards so the cards in your left hand, with their selection on top, ends up on top.

Cut the cards and maintain a pinkie break. Spread the cards and feel several cards and pick out their card and place it face down on the table as you say: “This one feels like your card.” Feel it again and say: “Hmm, I'm not sure.” Spread the cards again and do the same with two more cards. You now have three cards laying face down, one of which is their card. Give the cards a bit of a mix, but keep track of where their card is. Lay them down again side by side, face down.

Hand them the matchbox and ask them to place it on one of the cards. If they place it on their card, simply take the other two cards and turn them over and let them pick up the box and turn over their card. If they place it on a card that isn’t theirs, slide that card toward you and ask them to place it on another card as you say: “Now we are down to two cards.” If they place it on their card the second time, slide that card toward them as you say: “One for me, one for you, and one that didn’t get picked.” If they place it on another card the second time, slide that card and box toward yourself and say: “And that leaves only one card.” At this point, don’t ask them to examine the box, just lay the box on their card and let them pick up the box to turn over their card.

2. Slightly less impromptu Idea

I really like the effect “Fall” by Banachek. It is a gimmicked sharpie that will topple over on it’s own. This is a perfect effect to combine with this one because you just had a card signed with a sharpie and now you are going to apparently take out the same sharpie. Use the matchbox to rest the sharpie on for the effect. Talk about how the matchbox is cursed or has magical powers, etc. This takes the heat off the sharpie. You could even start the effect with something like a straw on the box and blow on it to make it fall. Then, offer to do it with something else where everyone stands several feet away from it, and take out the sharpie. If you don’t have “Fall” you might want to check it out.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Burn Notice (Gimmick and Online Instructions)

Author: Takel
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

"This is the most organic and most believable Mystery Box version I have ever seen..."
- Titanas

The Mystery Box has always been one of magic's most baffling plots and one of the most unexplainable crescendos to a routine. A signed card that appears inside an object that has been in full view the whole time has delighted audiences for decades. Many times these objects are props that you don't see every day, and can look suspicious.

In his debut release with Murphy's Magic, Takel has brought us Burn Notice. Burn Notice takes the strongest elements of the mystery box and blends them with an organic every day object that everyone is familiar with: a simple match box. Place the matchbox in their hand and watch their eyes light up in disbelief as their card vanishes from the deck, only to be seen again when you slowly open the matchbox to reveal their signed card inside.

The simple operation of the gimmick makes the retention of vision unmistakable, with the matchbox ending super clean and it easily resets in two seconds. Now, you can perform your favorite mystery box plot with a small, powerful gimmick that rides in your pocket wherever you go.

What you'll get:

- Burn Notice gimmick
- Online video instructions covering performance, handling, maintenance and tips
- Gimmick repair materials

What you'll learn:

- The basic signed card to impossible location routine
- Plus additional ideas and handlings that are not only limited to playing cards but money, predictions, business cards etc.
- Learn how to customize and/or repair your Burn Notice gimmick
- Simple, effective and easy version of the Mercury Card Fold
- Handlings without the need for the card fold

This could be the end of you quest for the best Mystery Box ever, so get Burn Notice today!

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