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Pizza Paddle (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) Review

Official Review

January 8th, 2017 12:03am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

You get a small wooden pizza paddle that functions like a paddle stick where you can show both sides as being empty or both sides with a pizza image or either pizza or blank. The wooden paddle is made of good quality thin plywood. It also comes with two wooden pizzas with a pizza image on both sides and download instructions


This is awesome! This is my new favorite paddle trick! For anyone who works restaurants or bars, this is a perfect opener. For an amateur magician, this is a fun paddle effect.

The quality of the props are very good. It comes with a wooden paddle and two wooden dollar size pizzas. They are made of high quality plywood with nice stickers that resemble pepperoni pizza.

The instruction, handling, and methods are very well taught. Given it is a pizza paddle, in addition to teaching many of the standard paddle moves, they teach a few new moves which lend themselves to the pizza theme.

The pizza paddle handles as well as any other regular paddle.

The routines are completely angle proof. You can perform this completely surrounded. The only problem angle is directly below.

One more really big advantage to this is the two pizzas it comes with are about the same dimensions as a dollar coin. This means that you could incorporate coin moves into your routine.

The ad is fair and honest. If you like the ad, I think you will love this.


It is really difficult to come up with any negatives. I suppose the obvious is this is a pizza paddle, so any routine theme would be based on pizza. Not a negative, but it is a constraint of the product.

If you are an amateur magician or a magician who doesn’t work restaurants, you may want to think about your justification for why you are presenting a miniature pizza paddle. I sometimes use props that seem completely out of place for the humor value. To be in a situation that has nothing to do with food and ask: “Who ordered the pizza?” catches people by surprise and adds humor.


The skill level required: 1 of 5.
Audience management skill required: 1 of 5.
Performance angles: 360 degrees
Reset time required: None
DIY time involved in advance: None


In my opinion, this is the best paddle trick effect ever created, period. It can be a ton of fun to perform and for magicians who work restaurants or bars, this is tremendous! For amateur magicians or magicians who don’t work restaurants or bars, this can still be a ton of fun.

See the suggestions section for some really interesting ideas.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

This product offers the potential for a really fun give-away. I printed a bunch of pepperoni pizzas about the same size as the wooden pizzas that come with this effect. I printed them on thick card stock and cut them out. I then made small “Pizza boxes” by printing “Pizza” on about 100 pound paper, cut them the same way a regular pizza box would be cut and folded them up just like a pizza box. If you draw out one pizza box using a regular pizza box as a guide, you can use that one as a template to quickly draw more boxes. I give out a pizza in a pizza box to one special child, like the birthday boy or girl. It takes about 30 minutes to make a couple dozen of each.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Pizza Paddle (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

Author: Thompson, Rob
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

One of the biggest challenges for kids magicians is finding powerful CLOSE-UP effects for children. The Pizza Paddle is the newest, best solution we've ever seen. With nothing more than the simple paddle move (learned within minutes on the instructional video) you'll be able to interact with kids up close - in a way you can't achieve in a platform show. Best of all, the trick is themed around a subject every kid loves: PIZZA!

Did you ever see a giant pizza paddle used in Italian restaurants to pull large pizzas from hot, brick ovens? Imagine a miniature version. Now imagine that you show both sides of the 4.5" paddle, give it a shake, and make a tiny and oh-so-cute pizza appear. You can "remove" the pizza and "eat" it, or you can make it vanish and reappear. Best of all, creator Rob Thompson has devised a way for you to visually take it right off the paddle and hand the spectator a silver dollar-sized pizza.

The Pizza Paddle and the dollar-sized pizzas that come with it are "Made in America" to AmazeKids' exact specs. The paddle handles like a dream and you can do lots of coin moves with the tiny pizzas. Check out the trailer and see some of Danny Orleans' ideas. You'll also see a live close up performance by Rob Thompson in the restaurant where he works every week.

You get:

- The solid wood 4.5" long pizza paddle
- Two pizza coins
- Video instructions which include, studio performance, explanation and live performance footage

This is a practical paddle trick for the working pro straight from the repertoire of professional restaurant magician, Rob Thompson who specializes in close-up family entertainment. Kids love pizza. Their parents love pizza. So you know they're going to love the routine you create with The Pizza Paddle.

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