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Pen-nomenon - Trick Review

Official Review

October 2nd, 2016 11:54pm
Reviewed by Eugene Burger

Steven X


The good news is that this is really a wonderful, visual effect. It looks great and is quite spooky. Very magical.

Here are some qualifications regarding the method:

First, for the first setup Steven suggests you must eat a mint. While I might do this during an informal performance, I would never do it during a formal one.

Second, for the second set-up you must be wearing a shirt with a pocket and the pocket can’t be used for anything else.

Third, for the third set-up you must be wearing a hat — which I never do.

Fourth, For all the set-ups you are expected to be wearing a watch on your right hand. I never wear a watch on either hand.

Fifth, Not everything you are required to perform this is included in the package.

Sixth, The Slip Force Steven suggests, while popular, is not one that I would recommend to anyone.

If you are not a beginner, you might consider applying some of the work of Jon LeClair to this effect and thereby eliminate the first four qualifications listed above. You could also eliminate the last qualification since you probably know a better Card Force. Actually I prefer Steven’s suggestions for performing the effect without playing cards.

Given these qualifications, I repeat: this is a very magical and spooky visual effect that would certainly surprise and fool your audiences.

At $30 I think the price is too high considering you need to go shopping for additional items to do this effect.

Rating: Three and a Half out of Five Stars.

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Product info for Pen-nomenon - Trick

Author: X, Stephen
Publisher: Steven X Productions LLC
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Pen-nomenon gives you the key to unlock the door to the spirit world; giving you the power to communicate with spirits. Imagine having the spectator think of anything. After a few words, a spirit possesses your pen and begins to write exactly what they were thinking of. Pen-nomenon is a highly visual, easy way to communicate with spirits.

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5 different handlings plus bonus effects.

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