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Magic Memo Pad Review

Official Review

December 14th, 2016 3:13am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a very clever device that allows you to magically vanish coins, apparently into a drawing on a memo pad. There are no slits or holes in the memo pad. In the instructions, they talk about drawing a hole and then causing coins to vanish in the hole. You could just as effectively draw a small piggie bank and vashing the coins into the piggy bank. You can vanish several coins (probably 4-6 depending upon the size of the coins, and you can vanish coins as large as a US fifty cent piece.

The method is really ingenious, especially because it allows you to simply tear off the page with the drawn hole where you were inserting and vanishing coins and the page is perfectly normal.

The handling is not difficult, but I would suggest some practice to make it really look good.

The quality of the gimmick is very good. This gimmick should last you a lifetime. There are a couple components to the gimmick that you may need to replace, but they could easily be purchased or made.

The ad is pretty accurate. It really looks like you are inserting a coin right through the drawing, even at close distance. Your spectator can feel the paper and see there is no hole in the paper.


Your audience must be in front of you. I would say just less than 90 degrees, maybe even less, depending upon how you handle the gimmicks.

The gimmick allows you to make coins vanish, but not reappear. Reset is easy and only takes a few seconds, but you can’t reset in front of your spectators. Because of this, it may not be your best option for walk-around. This effect would be best for a parlor type setting.

The method lends itself best to a relatively small pad of paper, as the one it comes with. You might come up with a way to use this method with a larger pad of paper, but it is not designed that way as is. Therefore, it may limit you to somewhat close performances.

The instructions are not that great. Tenyo products tend to have written instructions, no video. normally, they are pretty clear, but these were difficult to follow. I had to re-read them a few times to finally figure it out.


The skill level required: 2 of 5.
Audience management skill required: 2 of 5.
Performance angleS: 80 degrees
The reset time required: 10 seconds, but not in front of your audience.
The DIY time involved in advance: 30 minutes


This is a really ingenious way to have coins appear to disappear right into a drawing on a pad of paper.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

I would suggest you consider other drawing you could do on the memo pad as the method is not dependent upon drawing a hole and then bucket as described in the instructions. You could draw a piggy bank, a well, a drain, or anything your imagination will allow.

This effect opens up the doors for a wide variety of routine themes. You could have a humorous patter about how your spouse might as well just flush money down the drain or the toilet. You could also have patter about the importance of saving money in a piggy bank.

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Author: Tenyo
Publisher: Tenyo
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Manufacturer's Description:

A coin vanishes into a drawing you've just made!

This new magic trick has caused magicians worldwide to shout in wide-eyed surprise. Three coins magically vanish as they appear to melt into an illustration you've drawn on a memo pad. You can tear the page from the pad and give it to your spectator at the end. Thanks to a brand-new specially constructed gimmick, you will be able to perform an incredibly visual effect that looks like real magic. The gimmick has been built into a perfectly ordinary memo pad, so you'll always be ready to perform with the most natural of props.

Replace with any brand of memo pad.
Use any coin available to you -- U.S. quarter, 50 cent Euro, etc.

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