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What The Fork Review

December 6th, 2016 7:51am
Reviewed by Jimmy Shubert
This is the Classic example of Magician's ripping off other magician's Wow! This was the worst thing I have ever purchased & seen! Michael Dardant should be locked up and charged with robbery ($29.95). I got sucked in…. I got the lecture notes too! ($25.00 for Bitten by a Wizard), only because Shawn Fauqwar (his lecture was awesome) but, he was pitching this "What the Fork" DVD and the "Bitten by a Wizard" lecture notes that accompany each other from his own lecture that he did at P.C.A.M. (Pacific Coast Assc. of Magicians) which was another ripoff (don't get me started on that! ) $75.00 for a day pass for what watching a bad magic contest, 1 lecture and, walking around the dealers room that was the size of my apartment seriously, it would be like my local magic shop hitting me with a $75.00 cover charge to walk around…... all involved are guilty of stepping over a dollar to pick up a penny and I am sick of it. I will not buy anything else from these clowns again! Back to the DVD THIS IS AN AWARD WINNING ACT! Holy Shit! I'd like to see the guys that didn't win!…..This DVD was badly produced, The jokes are 6th grade level not funny and, way to inside. He comes out with a jar of thumb tips and says, " This is my tip jar". Must kill at the local S.A.M meeting or the I.B.M. Ring ... Maybe I have high expectations for a DVD that says' The Secrets to a Gold Medal Competition Act! Hardly, I will say this If you ever have reservations or, are nervous about competing in a magic competition watch this DVD it will build your confidence. This guy is a 16 time award winner! He is the most decorated magician in North America WOW! That is what it says on the DVD. I am stunned and feel ripped off..... Jonathan Kamm's $20.00 download for his Toibox card to mint tin is 100 times better than this guys whole act! and he teaches moves two and three moves to complete the same task it is in depth and comprehensive best 20.00 I ever spent. This on the other hand was the worst $55.00 I have ever spent sorry but that is the way I feel and you will too if you buy "What the Fork"

Product info for What The Fork

Author: Dardant, Michael
Publisher: System 6 Magic
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Michael Dardant is one of magic's fastest rising stars with a load of North American magic trophies already accumulated, it won't be long before he's a hit on the International scene as well!
-Shawn Farquhar

Every once in a while you come across a True Original. Someone who does it differently. Someone who does it better. Michael Dardant is a gifted performer who blends incredible magic with a powerful, funny, charismatic persona.
-Murray Hatfield

New Orleans own award winning comedy magician, Michael Dardant aka Magic Mike(Not the... Dancer) brings his Cajun flair to the stage and mesmerizes any audience with ease. In 2012 he became the most decorated magician in North America claiming 16 Championship Awards.

What The Fork is an 1 1/2 HR. breakdown of Michael's Gold Medal Close-Up Act. He performs the routine and then resets in front of the camera!
Next is a riveting and inspiring explanation of the mentality behind every move and every joke. Whether on stage, close-up or even parlor, Every magician will find something new to add to their act!

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