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Phantom Knife Review

October 3rd, 2016 6:57pm
Reviewed by Ed Underwood
The Phantom Knife is possibly one of the greatest 'ready to go' pocket miracles in magic. The three phase routine builds to a logical and stunning climax. And the best part is that once you are familiar with the variables involved in using a borrowed shirt for the penetration-you are bulletproof.
I have used this under many different conditions and it has always amazed and delighted every audience. I truly don't leave home without it.
My only negative comments would be two-fold; one about the knife itself and the second about the nature of the effect. First the knife-while it looks like the small size of Swiss Army knife, alas it is a much cheaper device. I made the mistake of using the knife's multiple tools in real life and the tiny scissors broke right out of the casing. So...don't use the it for anything but the trick. Second-the nature of the effect itself, this is a case in which the effect and method are very close. Richard's routine covers that nicely but it should be pointed out that you must resist the temptation to be so overcome with the clever tactic employed here that you forget to misdirect the mind from the simplest of realities involved.
All in all, I love this thing except for the creepy way it has me looking at everyone's shirts!

Product info for Phantom Knife

Author: Osterlind, Richard
Publisher: Jim Sisti
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $50.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A miracle from the past is now a reputation-maker that you can always have with you!

The Phantom Knife is Richard Osterlind's updated version of one of the most staggering effects in magic - Harrison's Knife Through Coat!

Richard has taken the basic secret and applied it to today's modern working conditions. He's also changed the apparatus itself, from an unusual, thin pocket knife to a modern Swiss-style knife that is commonly carried today. The apparatus is machined by hand to exacting tolerances and looks and works perfectly!

Basically, you borrow a shirt from someone who is wearing a loose fitting one over a bottom tee. (You can also use your own shirt or handkerchief.) The shirt is stretched out and held by two volunteers. You take out a dollar bill along with a small pocket knife. The bill is placed in the center of the shirt and the knife is lowered under it. Please note that you really do place the knife under the shirt!

The knife is now seen to penetrate the shirt and the bill. The blade is withdrawn...and there is no hole in the shirt! This is repeated a second time and the bill is actually lifted to show the blade penetrating the shirt! Again the knife is removed and there is no hole!

Finally, the knife blade is passed through the shirt once more but this time, the entire knife is passed through the shirt, again with absolutely no damage!

This is one of the most mind-boggling effects in all of magic...and you will be amazed at the incredible secret!

If you were blown away by Richard's performance of this effect on his best-selling DVD set, Live...Without a Net!, you can now add this amazing effect to your own repertoire! Simply drop the knife in your pocket (or attach it to your keychain) and you will be ready for an anytime, anyplace miracle that will make your reputation!

You'll get the specially-machined knife plus a photo-illustrated manual detailing every nuance of Richard's routine.

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