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Knitting Ninja (Props and DVD) Review

Official Review

November 25th, 2016 9:52pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Knitting Ninja is a Chad Long routine in which the performer shows two small knitting needles, a length of yellow thread and an otherwise empty hand. He quickly starts knitting and banging the needles together and a silk the size and shape of a yellow sock is instantly knit.

What you get is two small needles, a length of thread and two silks; one shaped like a sock and another in the shape of a square. This trick requires a standard gimmick/utility device that does not come with the trick. It is readily available at any magic shop and only costs a few dollars. And, you most probably have this classic magic tool already. The ad copy should probably have mentioned that a needed tool was not included.

Jeff Kaylor claims that Knitting Ninja is "the most visual and memorable piece of magic possible" and that claim goes way beyond acceptable hyperbole. The trick is funny and gag-like, but it is not the most visual and memorable piece of magic possible... not even close. I would not say that it is astonishing like the ad copy claims, but is is amusing and in my opinion well suited for children.

The trick is easy to do, but requires a set-up that cannot happen in front of your audience. It cannot be reset without disappearing and fixing some things either. There are some angle issues so as long as your spectators are in front of you and on the side - kind of the same angles you would do with a bill switch, you will be fine. You can end clean and you can have the needles and silk and thread examined if you want to hand it out, but why would you?

The less than 20 minute streaming instructional video is taught by Chad Long and it is excellent and well produced. There is not much to the method so the video does not need to be too long. Long includes a brainstorming session and tosses out some good ideas for the trick.

I think the price point could be a bit lower for what you get, but if you like what you see on the video, it is easily replicated.

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Author: Long, Chad
Publisher: Kaylor Productions
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Chad Long's Knitting Ninja is a visual piece of eye popping magic that looks like an outrageous skill. Using an ordinary set of knitting needles and a normal piece of yellow yarn you visibly and incredibly knit a sock bit by bit within seconds while everyone watches in astonishment! A unique and unforgettable moment. Everyone will long remember the skills of you, The Knitting Ninja! Packs small and plays big. Incredibly memorable. Knitting needles, yarn and produced item are examinable. A hysterical yet amazing visual moment. Knitting needles, yarn, sock shape and silk square included.

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