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Self-Working Rope Magic Review

Official Review

September 2nd, 2016 7:17am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Dover Publications has a great selection of magic books. Included in their catalog is Self-Working Rope Magic (SWRM) written by prolific author on various types of magical tricks, Karl Fulves. SWRM is a soft cover book that measures five and a half inches by eight and a half inches. It contains 70 tricks in its 148 pages and has 423 illustrations that help you understand how to hold the rope and how to maneuver it in your hands. Without these very detailed drawings, it would be almost impossible to understand some of the tricks.

SWRM is organized in a way that makes reading the material and digesting it easy to understand. The first chapter, “The Preliminaries” teaches about rope and the most basic information. This book can be read and mastered by a novice with practice. Some of the tricks contained in the book are simple and others are a bit complicated. There are various chapters explaining tricks with different types of knots; The Overhand Knot, The Slip Knot, and The Square Knot. Reading this book will require patience and attention so that you understand how to master the prestidigitation.

One of the chapters that I spent some time on was “Cut-and-Restored Rope”. These tricks requires really knowing how to hold the rope, which ends to move and how to move them. For someone who does not usually play with rope, it seems a bit challenging at first, but contained in the pages of this books are tons of ideas. I practiced many of the tricks with an extra long pair of shoelaces, which seemed to modernize some of the tricks. Many of the tricks in the book seemed like they were from yesterday’s era of magic.

The bottom line with this books is that if you are interested in learning about rope magic and are not afraid to put in some concentration and time, SWRM is an incredible resource. Many of the tricks can be performed with a length of rope without any set up, but many require set up and preparation. For those looking to learn rope magic this is a four star product and it is so inexpensive (it is a steal) you should go to the Dover website and order it now.

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Author: Fulves, Karl
Publisher: Dover
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Retail Price: $5.90
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70 of the best rope tricks ever devised using overhand knots, slip knots and square knots. Dissolve knots, cut and restore ropes, make ropes magically shrink or grow longer, rope escape tricks, flourish knots. 423 illustrations and clear, easy-to-follow directions make performing these startling feats foolproof.

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