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Kolossal Killer Review

August 1st, 2016 6:56pm
Reviewed by James Wood
This is a Review of the Penguin Download for Kolossal Killer

This is a solid trick. The spectator names any card. Totally free choice. You then say "What a coincidence, that's my lucky card!" To prove it, you show them your wallet and pull out a card. About 33% of the time this card is exactly the one named by the spectator and you have a miracle. The rest of the time the card in the wallet doesn't exactly match the one named, but you still turn the trick into a near-miracle through a clever ending.

The Penguin video download includes several live performances with real spectators.
Nick Locano's teaching is excellent. His explanations are thorough and clear.
This trick makes a great opener for walk-around. It lasts less than two minutes, can be performed surrounded, and has a difficulty level of about 5 (on a 1 to 10 scale).

The inside of the wallet can't be shown to spectators.
The trick takes a fair amount of wallet space and isn't practical if your wallet is already crowded. If your wallet is stuffed, you may need to use a second one for this trick.

Marcus Eddie's ODD is a similar trick that delivers a similar impact. ODD requires a special deck, whereas Kolossal Killer requires a lot of wallet space. I would say the choice between the two tricks depends on which one the magician finds more practical.

Product info for Kolossal Killer

Author: Knepper, Kenton
Publisher: Wonder Wizards
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Spectators just NAME a playing card, and you have the correct card in your wallet. YOU ARE ALWAYS CORRECT. It is the ultimate card 'out' for Close-up work. A spectator can mess with you all they want - RELAX - you can still produce a playing card from your normal wallet, as absolute proof that you knew their card all along. Kolossal Killer has become a classic piece of mentalism as well - used by such pros as Larry Becker and Jeff McBride. It's a full-blown stage effect, with nothing but the minds of the audience and your everyday billfold.
# NO Forces
# NO Gaffed Wallet
# NO Sleight of Hand
# NO 52 Card Index (Not 26 cards either)

PLUS With this - Kenton's original version - you can do effects even the expensive gaffed wallet versions simply cannot do. AND you will receive complete routines, right out of Kenton's act. This couldn't be easier or more diabolical. Only a very select few have been privy to Kenton's original version of Killer - until now. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. Get the complete original work with all the devious touches in this manuscript (just add your own billfold and cards). Forever more you will have a truly groundbreaking reputation maker, not 'up your sleeve', but in your own wallet.

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