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Creating WOW Experiences For Seniors DVD Set Review

July 12th, 2016 1:28am
Reviewed by Chris Cary
The good news: Jim Austin gives you more than your money's worth with DVD's of two complete shows and a book on CD that contains invaluable insight into working in this market. Are they the kinds of shows you'd see in Las Vegas? No. Not even the kind of show you'd do for the Rotary Club picnic. These are shows designed for a special market of special people. There is no ground-breaking magic in this set, it's all standard stuff. The value comes in watching a professional connect with people who may desperately need that connection. And that brings me to the bad news: You can learn the routines and follow the business advice, but unless you possess the same affinity for your audience as Jim Austin does, you're unlikely to find similar success working senior living centers.

One thing I love about this product is that the shows are "real", which is to say they have been filmed in two nursing homes with genuine nursing home patients. I have DVD's of "nightclub" acts that certainly were not filmed in a nightclub and "kids birthday party" DVD's that show parties that in no way resemble the many at which I've performed. If you perform in a nursing home, it is going to look pretty much like you see on these DVD's.

I won't go into specific tricks used in the two shows, but the shows did confirm my suspicion that any type of mentalism trick probably isn't going to play all that well in this environment, while colorful production sequences (especially those that include animals) are big hits.

Again, the true measure of a successful show for a senior audience is all about the connection with the audience and helping individuals in the audience connect with each other. That may seem a bit nebulous in print, but as you watch Jim Austin perform you begin to see how it works and why it is important.

This is about as comprehensive a learning tool for a specific type of magic audience as you are likely to find. Any magician (or other entertainer for that matter) considering this market would be foolish to ignore this resource.

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Author: Jim Austin
Publisher: Jim Austin's Creative Connections
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There is a secret market for magical entertainment that many performers have never considered.

Here is everything you need to unlock new performance possibilities in the Senior Center Market.

You will receive TWO LIVE SHOWS, and a PDF BOOK with workshop notes so you can get started today, You will learn shortcuts for success , props that work best, great routines and what activity directors really need and want you to do for them.

When you consider the possibilities of adding this market to your business you will soon be saying, "Why didn't I think of that before?"

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