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AWE Struck Review

Official Review

December 12th, 2016 12:11am
Reviewed by James Sanden
The power of a prediction is in the freedom given the spectator and the fairness of the prediction itself. “Awe Struck” by Adam Elbaum is a particularly direct and powerful version of this plot, in which the performer can predict any card a spectator freely thinks of using a handwritten post-it note found inside his or her wallet. While there are a variety of methods available to accomplish this type of effect, “Awe Struck” is a particularly deceptive, practical and streamlined approach.

“Awe Struck” comes with a special deck of cards, wallet, post-it note pad and instructional DVD. The props themselves are well made and the included wallet could even be used as an everyday wallet (unlike many “magic” wallets on the market.) While the wallet will for the most part work out of the box, Mr. Elbaum does explain an alteration he recommends the purchaser make that insures the handling will be made easier and more reliable. It would have been nice had the manufacturer, Vanishing Inc., made this alteration as part of the production process, but it’s a simple enough change that it shouldn’t deter anyone from purchasing the effect.

The instruction on the DVD is clear and complete. Mr. Elbaum goes over the gimmick in detail, provides an overview of the method, then dives into specifics, outlining the development of the effect, setting up for performance, variations in handling and a basic presentational approach. From the design of the wallet to multiple moments in the handling of the effect, “Awe Struck” was clearly designed to be a practical and effective routine.

The real value on the DVD is in the additional presentational approaches Mr. Elbaum shares with the viewer. While the traditional straight prediction is certainly a valid approach, the other ideas and effects offered are where the plot really begins to get interesting. With suggestions and ideas from a variety of magic luminaries, including Asi Wind, Paul Vigil and Kostya Kimlat, there is something for everyone. For the creative magician these ideas and approaches will serve as seeds for presentations that are distinctly original, which is, for me, where the real excitement about this project lies.

“Awe Struck” by Adam Elbaum is a new method for a classic effect that opens up a variety of options for the creative performer. Having been honed and developed over 20 years, the method is solid and deceptive, with a streamlined handling, leaving a blank canvas upon which any number of very clever and fun ideas may be written. The effect is simple and straightforward, practical in performance, and with just a little bit of effort could become a signature routine in the hands of most any performer. Highly recommended.

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Product info for AWE Struck

Author: Elbaum, Adam
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $50.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

"Practical, powerful and straight forward. A cleverly layered piece of mentalism ideal for a close-up performer. Highly recommended."
- Kostya

"AWE Struck" is pure and staggeringly strong. This is EXACTLY what happens, with no exaggeration: someone thinks of ANY card (no equivoke or forces). You remove your wallet and inside, clearly displayed, is a hand-written note predicting the thought-of card. The wallet contains just one prediction and you can fairly show that it is a normal wallet.

Adam Elbaum has created a sensational and offbeat approach to this simple yet strong mentalism plot. They name any card and you clearly show that you predicted it in advance, written on a piece of paper isolated in your wallet.

Even includes Asi Wind's smart addition that allows you to predict two named cards.

The beautiful gimmicked leather wallet included with "AWE Struck" is custom-made for this effect, but also designed to be your every-day wallet.

- Includes everything you need
- Beautifully packaged with 1.5 hour DVD
- Multiple versions and handlings taught, including Asi Wind's version

"This trick is evidence to how smart, devious, and detail oriented Adam is."
- Asi Wind

"AWE Struck is easily the best trick to hit the marketplace in a LONG time. My mind is already filling with so many different ways I can use it. This will be the trick everyone is talking about."
- Dan Hauss

"Elbaum has a non-stop mind for powerful magic. He puts his ideas through the ringer, trimming the fat, squeezing every ounce of impact possible, leaving nothing but a lean, clean, strong effect sure to leave your audience dumbfounded... and AWE struck!"
- Derek Hughes

"Being married to Josh I am exposed to lots of magic, and am very picky about what I like. Adam's trick AWE Struck really stood out to me. I love everything about it."
- Anna Jay

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