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Luck of the Draw (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Review

Official Review

December 8th, 2016 9:45am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Luck of the Draw is an excellent prediction effect that uses a simple and fooling three way force bag and multi colored raffle tickets (100 random tickets, 100 force tickets with one number and another set of 100 force tickets with a different number). It is simple to learn, to perform and packs a knockout punch to your spectators. This trick packs small. It transports easily in your jacket pocket. It is brought to you by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media so you know it is a well thought out and a quality product.

Wait, did I just expose the trick? A three way force bag, force tickets?!! Hold on a second… check of the following link from Murphy’s Magic…

As you can see, BBM reveals the information discussed above so you know what you are getting… Phew!

What you get is access to a password protected site from Murphy’s Magic where you can either stream or download two short videos taught by Montier. As always, the teaching is top-notch. The first video, which is about four and a half minutes long is the promotional video which you can see on the link above. The second video is a bit longer than nine minutes and it explains how to perform Pyrite, the trick that Montier performs to the camera in the first video. Since you can check it out yourself, it does not need to be described, except to say that it is a great prediction effect with a deck of cards. Pyrite will require that you mark up the backs of an entire deck of cards with random numbers to perform it.

You also get the very simple three was force back that looks like a normal bag. With the clever way that Montier instructs the spectator how to pick a raffle ticket, the spectator can hold the bag and detection is almost entirely unlikely. In fact, the raffle tickets and the booklet that comes with this trick are delivered in the bag. I almost ripped the bag open because I did not realize it is the force bag. It looks that good! You are taught how to make additional force bags as well. It should take about 5 seconds if you have the right bags.

The raffle tickets are very thin paper and are all multi colored which makes the trick more fooling to the spectator since the force numbers on the force tickets are not all the same color. That is a very nice touch. When first dropping the raffle tickets into the bag, I would separate then, individually since they tend to stick to once another due to the texture of the paper. That takes about 20 seconds to do.

The small booklet that comes with the trick (that contains 7 pages of text) provides written explanations of the trick and necessary set up. It is clear and easy to follow. It also describes a quasi impromptu Book test routine, Pyrite (which is shown in the promo video) and some other mentalism routines. There is room to develop many other routines with the materials provided. The ad copy to the trick is accurate.

There is a one time set up which takes about 30 seconds and reset takes about one second. You can perform this to the same group, more than once, because of the second set of force tickets provided. There are no real angle issues to be concerned about, but the bag obviously cannot be handed out for inspection.

Luck of the Draw gets astounding reactions and the highest rating.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

Consider a one ahead routine with three spectators using the random ticket section and the two force ticket sections.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Luck of the Draw (Gimmick and Online Instructions)

Author: Montier, Liam
Publisher: Big Blind Media
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Luck of the Draw is a killer new utility for mentalists and magicians alike! You get... An incredibly deceptive & natural looking 3 way force bag (Don't throw your 'Luck Of The Draw' packaging away... it's the force bag! HA!). This thing is so squeaky clean that you can happily let your spectator's handle and use it. It's a fast route to 100% hands off, self working mentalism!!! 100 Random Raffle Tickets 100 Force Raffle Tickets (in various colours) A SECOND 100 Force Raffle Tickets (with a different number) A Booklet of KILLER tricks and ideas - includes Liam's lecture highlight 'Pyrite' (a self working 'Card At Any Number'!!!) A free video download which teaches you everything you need to know to perform 'Pyrite!For ultimate deceptiveness, each stack of raffle tickets contain a total mixture of colours! This makes all the tickets look random, very different, and colourful to use!

We are SURE that you will have your own ideas and routines for this awesome utility prop, but check out the instructions for 'packs small, plays big' mentalism that will work on tables, or on stage. Book Tests, Add a Number, Card At Any Number, and MORE

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