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SansMinds Wallet - Suit Up Style (2 piece) Review

Official Review

June 4th, 2016 8:47pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
There are dozens, if not hundreds, of gimmicks on the market that allow the magician to cause a signed card to appear within a wallet. Even within this simple category of effect there are many varieties, including wallets that have the card appear in a sealed envelope, folded in quarters, also function as a peek device, etc. The variety and quantity is staggering. To this stack of wallets, Sans Minds has added another version of the effect: the SM Wallet.

The primary question to ask is if the SM Wallet offers anything the others do not. The biggest selling point, and the one Sans Minds focuses on in their marketing, is that the SM Wallet is a smaller, thinner wallet than most “card to wallet” wallets. It’s smaller than both the traditional checkbook style, and thinner than a billfold style, so the marketing is accurate. The method borrows from the Mullica style wallet with no palming being necessary. The Mullica approach is tried and true, so there is no need for concern about awkwardness or difficulty in loading the wallet. However, with a smaller size, more care must be taken to prevent the card from flashing prior to being removed from the wallet, and the opening is just slightly longer than a card, so practice will be required to be able to smoothly remove the card from the wallet.

The SM Wallet comes in 2 styles: street and suit. Both appear to be well constructed and sturdy. The street style wallet is essentially a zippered compartment in which the signed card appears. It also has an ID window on the outside, a couple of credit card slots, and the zipper has a long strap attached, which can be used to open the zipper as well as display the wallet cleanly. The suit style wallet is in two parts, the outer part being similar to the street style wallet with an ID window and credit card slots, plus a second, smaller zippered pocket that slides inside the outer piece. It’s in this second pocket in which the signed card appears.

Of the two wallets, the suit style is more deceptive. There is a subtlety with the street style that allows the wallet to be displayed hanging by the zipper strap as both hands are shown empty just prior to removing the card, but the simple fact that, with the suit style wallet, the card is removed from a wallet within a wallet simply seems more impossible.

The included DVD covers the wallet’s operation, as well as a number of routines. The same DVD comes with both wallets and the instruction is not divided into two sections, which I imagine would have been easy to fix, though it’s a minor annoyance. The routines include a basic card to wallet routine, a mystery card effect, a card transposition, two ways to use the wallet as a peek wallet, a closed prediction, and a transposition of the spectator’s and performer’s business cards. A brief discussion of other items one can produce from the wallet is included as well.

The routines are fairly straightforward, traditional and what one typically sees performed with a card to wallet. There are a few great ideas peppered throughout, including ways to use the wallet as a hold out, to steal cards, as well as add them to the deck. The instruction is clear, if not rehearsed or well thought out. The performances leave a lot to be desired, though in this case the purchaser is buying a prop more than the routines themselves.

While not an improvement or innovation in method, the SM Wallet does accomplish its primary goal, which is to decrease the size and thickness of a “card to wallet” wallet. Though Sans Minds claim the wallets can be used as an everyday wallet, they have very little space for money, ID’s and credit cards, so keep that in mind if you would like to use it for your everyday wallet. If you’re looking for a super thin and small “card to wallet” wallet, the SM Wallet may be your answer. Watch the video to see what it looks like in performance. If you like what you see, you won’t be disappointed.

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Publisher: SansMinds Productionz
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Manufacturer's Description:

Everyone needs a wallet; that's why SansMinds created one that's thin, durable, and provides multiple functionalities.

The SansMinds wallet comes in a classic leather look with multiple pockets and a private compartment so you can easily keep things organized.

Two Piece Modern Style - Formal Wallet (6mm thin) for the suit up professional.

It is designed for you to carry your daily essentials without the extra clutter.

The wallet is also designed so that you can easily set up for:
No palm signed card to wallet
Devious peek
Borrowed object to wallet

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