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Revolution (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Review

Official Review

June 4th, 2016 8:47pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Revolution by Gregory Wilson

This item was a bit of a hot commodity when it first came out and it is still going strong. It is easy to see why because though it takes a bit of a knack to get it to work, it is very doable.

You get a nicely made gimmick that should last you forever if you take care of it and do not drop it repeatedly on hard surfaces. Even then, as long as it does not hit the surface directly, it should be just fine. Instead of a DVD you get a link with a password to an online instruction video with the option of downloading it. As such there are no chapter lists, but you can skip through the video if you want to. You also get a few playing cards which are used with a bonus idea.

The ad copy is mostly accurate but there are a few points that could be a tad misleading, but nothing that was done in dishonesty in my opinion. The ad copy has this list that supposedly shows the difficulty rating of learning/using Revolution, but because of certain things on the list I think this was just humorous. As far as the mechanics are concerned it is not hard, but it is not easy either and it is knacky and will take some playing around with to get it just right.

The video was very well shot with excellent video, audio and lighting quality. It was shot in a studio and I really liked the style of this instruction because it was shot almost like a candid video, but it was well-structured. Gregory Wilson talks about the developement of the gimmick and how it came about, he talks about various points that will make it easier to do, he talks about what to do and what not to do and then he shows you how to go about figuring out how to actually do it. Read that last part again and if it sounds strange, it should. That is because the basic mechanics of using this gimmick are very easy, but it does take a bit of a knack to get it down because you have to figure out the sweet spot on your finger(s) where the gimmick works best, i.e. the area on your finger with the least amount of friction. Typical of a Gregory Wilson video, the teaching is absolutely fantastic and very clear and he leaves nothing to be desired.

He shows you different ways to deal with getting the gimmick in and out of play, ways to disguise it if you feel you must and gives you a few different ways to do that. As for the gimmick there are have been people that say using it is painful for them and it might be for you, but it is not like getting stabbed or cut or stubbing your bare toe on oak furniture. If you have dry hands it might be painful to a degree, but again, nothing major. Personally I did not find it to be painful. This is really a non-issue so do not let this be a deterrent for you in deciding whether to purchase this product.

Gregory walks you through just about everything he could think of to make it easy for you to figure this part out. One thing he does stress though is centering your gimmick in the card case. This is a physics thing, it is made easier because of the design of the gimmick, but it is necessary to get it quite precise in order to get the best balance and therefore the longer spin times. Once you do get the knack for spinning the case on your finger, you will not be doing 20-second spins right away - that will only come with time and practice. Once I got it down myself, which only took about and hour or so, I was getting three or four-second spins. My current record as of this writing is 8.348 seconds. It is not necessary to spin for long periods of time, but it does look very cool if you can. Greg even talks about the spin time, that is to say longer vs. shorter, for various reasons.

To prove a point about how easy the mechanics are and how relatively easy it is to learn, Greg sat down in the studio with Chris Oberle to teach him how to use Revolution. Chris had never played with it before filming and you get to watch him walk Chris through from the beginning, stopping him whenever he made certain mistakes (things that would cause off-center spins, etc.) and letting Chris figure out how to fix the problem. This was nice because you get to see this process as Chris then talks about what he is learning as he goes, which makes the viewers at home almost feel like they are in the room with Chris and Greg. They do not show the entire hour or so that it took for Chris to get the knack down, but he did say that is about what it took him to get it. After that point, Greg asked Chris to talk about what he learned/figured out as he went through the process that may be helpful to viewers at home.

Other parts of the video show Greg spinning other objects and having some fun in the studio. There are a bunch of different ideas that he teaches too, different ways to present the spinning. He talks about using Revolution as a show-off stunt type of thing, an attention getting, a quick little bit, etc. There are lots of existing card effects for which Revolution can be a lead-in and the cards that come with this are used to make it look like the spinning of the cards caused the ink to swirl. All but one of the cards are examinable but none of them are mechanically gimmicked in any way (think the Shattered Pips card that Daryl put out years ago and still sells). There are some other very clever ideas that are taught as well.

The gimmick can be used with any poker sized deck of cards, but because of the way it was designed it is made to find the exact center of any card box printed by the USPCC. That is not to say it will not work with other brands, because it does.

This product should come with a warning label because whether or not you will use it in performances, this thing is very addictive and hard to put down! Once you get the knack you just keep trying and trying for better and better and longer and longer spins, and whether you progress quickly or not, you will still have a lot of fun. This thing is like an addictive drug and unlike those things, this will not put a huge dent in your pocketbook. The price point is very good for what you are getting!

This is not really a "typical" magic product per se (like a card or coin effect) but it can be tied into them and even used as one. That said it is something you will have to judge for yourself as to whether you purchase this or not. If you have a place or use for it, you will be very happy with it. If you just want to have something that is fun to play with and maybe even pass time with, you will still have fun with this. If you have no place or use for it, even you would still have fun with it!

So my point is, if you like what you see in the trailer, you will definitely like this!

VERY Highly recommended!

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Revolution (Gimmick and Online Instructions)

Author: Wilson, Gregory
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $34.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Spinning a small item on the tip of your finger is a visceral display of skill, control and years of masterful discipline. But, who has time for all that?

Revolution shortcuts the years of practice and allows you to look like a Shaolin Spin-Fu Master in just minutes. Spin any standard deck or standard playing card on the tip of your finger in a mesmerizing display of playing card dexterity.

Part sportsmanlike skill and part unsportsmanlike gimmick, you'll have everything you need to get instant attention, including trick playing cards for tons of routines, expertly taught by Gregory Wilson. Greg will teach you how to spin like a Globetrotter in no time.

90 minutes of video instruction from top pro, Gregory Wilson. Specially designed and precision-engineered gimmick for weight, balance and spin time. 3 special trick playing cards to turn Revolution into a full magic routine. Easy to learn, easy to do, looks incredible. Instant Reset Makes a stunning ice-breaker
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