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Tour de force Complete Review

Official Review

October 10th, 2016 5:14pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Tour De Force (TDF) by Michael O’Brien is a cool twist on the Triumph effect and it is fantastic. I like the thinking and the several different routines using a very deceptive method.

Basically, TDF is a 65 minute DVD that teaches how to do the Triumph effect in the performer’s hands, without a table, with a table and several other very clever routines including a phenomenal Ace Production. One routine allows you to end with all the card in order by suit, but it will require another something. All five routines taught utilize the Triumph principle in which a deck of cards is apparently shuffled face-up into face-down creating a chaotic mixture of cards in the deck. But, magically the entire deck rearranges itself so that all the cards face the same way, except the chosen card or cards. Each routine is performed by O’Brien to studio spectators in an empty restaurant bar. Some routines are performed for only one person and some for more. Then, each routine is taught by O’Brien.

Most of the tricks are taught with a gimmicked card, which is easy to make. It should take about 45 seconds and requires no skill. However, an impromptu TDF routine is taught and that is the only routine that is taught without the need to use a gimmicked card. Because I will not perform TDF with a gimmicked card and because I prefer to perform TDF with a borrowed shuffled deck, it is by far the most attractive of all the routines. I wish O’Brien taught everything else as an impromptu version.

Do not get me wrong, the tricks taught are great, but, the DVD production is not the best. On many of the tracks, the audio is tinny or only on one channel and the lighting at times casts distracting shadows. This DVD was likely shot with a shoulder video camera with one light and one microphone mounted on the camera. I have to say that the camera work could have been a bit better and the teaching should have provided more detail on how to do more impromptu work for the other routines. Because of the camera angles from the spectator’s point of view during the instruction, I was somewhat confused at first. I had to watch the DVD several times and write notes before I was able to get the effect down to easy steps. Once you master the steps to this trick, it is really wonderful. Also, the DVD does not allow you to play all the 15 or so tracks in a row. Once a selected track is over, the DVD goes back to the main menu and you have to pick the next track by fast forwarding through many pages. No biggie, just slightly annoying.

One down side for beginners may be that this trick requires a Faro shuffle. The Faro does not need to be perfect, but the interlacing of the first 4 or 5 cards should be perfect. There is a quick Faro tutorial at the end for those that need some help with their Faro. Although this trick is not hard to do, once you get past the Faro issue (if that is an issue), it requires a small amount of practice to look natural and fluid.

The ad copy and promo video are accurate.

The price of $19.99 is a great deal for a great Triumph project. Notwithstanding the criticisms above, this still gets a very high rating.

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